Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

Hello Everybody!

I wanted to change it up this Friday and do Friday's Letters because I keep seeing it and so I was like oh hey, let's try this out! So today this is what it is.. sorry for no Girl Run that Show this Friday! =( It will be back up next Friday, don't worry!

Dear Work, Thanks for the flood and grand awesome clean up that I had to do. The.most. hectic day of my life that was but thanks co-workers for having my back for the aftermath. Love ya!
Dear Friend, (Best Friend) I love meeting up and hanging out and even if it's for 15-20 minutes! Yep total awkwardness, this week.. haha. Oh and I must add the bracket words, yeah that's a new thing that just kind of happened on its own from my mouth lately. Okay, a lie.. maybe a little bit before but it keeps slipping out of my mouth. So I am going to stick to it I think so, because it seems to becoming a habit.
Dear Yoga Studio, Thanks for a making an effort to call to inform the people interested if there is actually class or not! Oh no wait, that's my business so I should call and confirm.. right?! Annoyed!
Dear Nancy, I hope you have fun in Costa Rica! Please come back in one piece for our movie date when you get back, excited!
Dear Cousin, I am very very disappointed with everything that is going on that I haven't made it down to visit you and your new home... teaaar. I really want to come I just have a jam packed schedule at the moment but as soon as I figure it out I shall tell you. It actually stresses me out because I say I am going to come but so many things are happening but also it's stuck in the back of my mind I must do this! Thanks for understanding but I will try my very best to come visit! I am really hoping before summer ends.
Dear Optical, I love you for my new glasses that I will be getting in a couple of weeks! I am excited for something fresh and new to rep on these shining city light eyes! ha!
Dear Book, Thank you for letting me get back into reading you and making me want to read and read until I fall asleep! I am really trying to finish reading you very soon! I am so behind but finished book number one and two so quickly.
Dear Body, I am so sorry you got sick. It wasn't something I had planned but you did. Thanks for the horribleness. However I am thankful it was on my day off, so that makes up for your horribleness.
Dear Summer, I love the warm weather and the thought of summery clothes! I love it and I love you summer! Oh but please sloooooooooooooooooow doooooooooooown! You are going by tooooooo faaaaassst! Thanks.
Dear Sleep, Thanks for letting me hustle some of that in my life lately this week. It has been the best ever, however I can tell I am behind in catching up for the past many weeks for the lack there of.
Dear Amanda, Thank you for my belated birthday gift and our friendship, you're awesome and love ya!
Dear Heart, Tomorrow is a special day with a special post... saad. =(
Dear Mind, I don't know what's going on but you've been dreaming up big things lately, big thoughts. I hope they come true because I think it's your time and you (I) needed it in your (my) life too. Please work out somehow, thanks.
Dear Notebook, Thanks for being part of my amazing-ness that will be stored in you with a many possibilities, dreams, goals and everything that comes through.
Dear White Chocolate Mousse Cake, I finally got you this week, oh yeah the day it poured like crazy but you were the greatest. Delicious!
Dear New Opportunities, I am kind of scared to be truthful.. I don't know what to expect or what I have fully gotten myself into but please be for the best. I think it is or else you wouldn't have allowed it to come into my life?! But then you could be teaching me a lesson or gaining me an experience, but please let it be for the best of me.
Dear Movies, There is too many this week all at once coming out. You're trying not to let me keep up aren't you, ha!
Dear AONW's, Thanks for your help and hearing me out! I am very grateful and feel blessed! Thank you again, such a sweetheart!
Dear Friday, Thank you for a super early day off today!
Dear Comments, Thank you, thank you, thank you oh so much for all of them that I have received! I really appreciate them and read plus check out every single blog! I know I am behind on updating the latest ones, but forgive me I will be going through them this weekend, so don't give up on me. I love you sunshine's!
Dear Soul Heart, Um ... What clever idea do you think you have up your sleeve? I honestly think you are getting me into some kind of a mess, a good mess I don't know. A bad mess, quite possible but please don't let that be. However, I wanted to take a risk into the big leagues which is a pretty big deal (no games here) but then also I am terrified inside to marbles and uncontrollable flying bouncy balls swarming the sky down a HUGE STEEP hill. Thank goodness for best friends because I am seriously collapsing on my knees scared, legit terrified to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Happy Friday Loves!
Have a wonderful night.


Signed, Joe

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