Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Letters


I know I haven't posted at all this week and I am so I have been so MIA but I have a lot of stuff going on so please bare with me. =) I wanted to at least do this for Friday because I haven't gotten a post up all week. So here I go..

Dear Kara, I am so glad you finally got the wedding card and gift I got for you and I am so happy it was the exact things you needed! I love how things like that surprisingly work out! And I love our quick messages we send back and forth because i love talking to you! You're amazing!! I am glad you are my cousin!! Dear Nancy, Thanks for totally having my back this week, legit! You're the best and I love you my sugar pops! haha! ;) Dear New Manager, I can actually say you're legit an awesome manager and I am actually glad that I have a new manager and it's you! Dear Cristina, It was a good time hanging out last Saturday! I had fun and that restaurant was so delicious! Yay, for random finds! =) Dear Amanda, Sorry we haven't crossed right paths this week with trying to make it work to actually get to hang out but hopefully for sure this week! Because I miss you and I was so excited when you stopped in last Friday I believe!!! Best Friday Ever! Dear Mom, Thanks for driving me to work this week when I had to be there incredibly early than normal and it was super super dark out still because nobody is up at 4:25 am in the morning getting ready unless catching a flight! So thanks I appreciate it, oh and for the ride to my dentist appointment too because I was late!! Dear Summer, You're almost over and I am going to miss you but I know fall is coming which I can handle it's just the wintery snow that isn't my cup of green tea. However, thanks for the amazing summer weather and the  awesome awesome summer clothes and the ability to wear shorts, dresses etc this summer a lot!! Dear Manager, Supervisor, & Team Hug, Thanks for ALL and I mean ALL your help this week with me! I truly truly appreciate it because I don't know how I would have made it through my work day without your guys help! So thank you, thank you, thank you, truly! Dear Work Homework, I am completely behind and my mentor is coming Tuesday.. milk chocolate cookies am I screwed if I don't have anything to show on Tuesday, but I will. I know I'll hold it down and get you somewhere in achievement. Dear Movies, Food, Family, and Friends, Thanks for all the good times lately this week, to movies thanks for the company when seeing them and for food, you're to die for.. food addict! :p Dear Book, I definitely was not expecting to stay up late to read you yesterday night/technically 2 am this morning. But I made it through work and only on 3 & 1/2 hours sleep, wicked  awesome but then again I was sleeping all day yesterday. Dear PINK, I love my new duffle bag it is fricken amazing!!! One of my co-workers called it a beauty and the beast bag, haha! I definitely can see why, it's a must get though!! Dear Time, Thanks for making me, be super on time and in order for work ever since I started having to do things more myself! Life saver, achiever happening right here! Dear iphone 5, This is taking forever to see the reveal and I am beginning to wonder if it's going to be super amazing? I hope hope to cupcake sprinkles it's going to be!! Please hurry asap, so I can get myself a new phone, thanks. love you apple. Dear Blog Life, Sorry I have not been up to date with anything this past week, not even my own blog.. please forgive me? Also please forgive me for not getting back to your comments yet. I am working on it, it's up there on my to do list, just please have patience with me. I have a lot going on work wise lately. I will try to get back to a few tomorrow or if not tomorrow Sunday. Please don't give up on me!  Dear Love / soulmate / other half / YOU, I hope I find you soon well wandering these roads that I have come onto and that you're looking for me well wandering where you need to go on your path to find me. Dear God, Thank you for your amazing love and making me make it through the hard part of everything I was questioning. I know it is just the beginning and I am just learning and trying it out and stuff but you've already brought me amazing feedback in the strength and guidance you walked as well as instilled in me of my times of worry. Thank you and thank you for your miracle work of seeing me through along with the calmness within.

Signed, Joe


  1. Saying hi from LIY! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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