Friday, August 17, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Hello Friday!!

I am not merely excited as for Saturday to come around but I am still glad and appreciative it's Friday today! So this week Friday is back to my regular Girl Run that Show. I know last Friday I did Friday's Letters which every now and again I will probably switch it up and do that over this. It all depends on what I feel like each Friday, you know what I am saying?!

1. I came across this quote last weekend and I just liked it so much I could not leave it alone and forget about it. It was just sitting there in the back of my mind after.. it's by Miley Cyrus "At some point you realize these people you're hanging out with are your 'party friends'; they're not going to give a shit about you in 10 years. Then you remember who you really want around you."

2. It's pretty much back to school soon for a lot of people, I kind of -- no I wish I was actually going back to school! Since I am not I am excited and looking forward to fall!! I know the New Year feels like a fresh start to a lot of people but I also feel that fall has that effect as well. I do hope for a lot of good things to happen in these next couple of months or than again not but i am going to choose to be hopeful

3. I mentioned here already on a past post of Girl Run that Show but I don't think I added in her tumblr and thought I should because she photographed Kristen's wedding if you have been reading Oh My My My (her love story) and this was another shooter at the wedding also and I thought I would add him in as well

4. I am so excited for Saturday to hang out with my friend!! I am so glad it worked out I didn't have plans or work or anything! :D I am super pumped. Also it is suppose to be really nice out this week +29, great weather, great way to enjoy the weekend and the outdoors but the coldness hits.

5. I liked this blog post and the video included because it was very interesting to me and I thought I would put it here for you to view for yourself.=)

6. A lot has happened this past week and I don't feel so overwhelmed and stressed out like before and the pressure that was there is now weight lifted off. (I am so thankful for my amazing friends for listening to me and everything during that time. You are the best!)

7. This song cover I randomly came across last night late. I am obsessed with the original singer of this song Bon Iver and I love along with listen to it quite a bit.

8. I already got cute fall jacket this week because I kept staring at it and I went back a second time and it was still there. I know if I would have gone back a 3rd time it would be gone and so I just got it because I kept thinking about it! I am excited to wear it for fall! I love the color, military green, baaaaby! haha! =)

9. I was excited to view the new ikea catalogue online the other night!! I love ikea and all the cool things they have!! I definitely could have had red sharpie circles all across the pages if I had a hard copy at hand! There is so many neat things I want from the 2013 catalogue.. it's insane!

10. Yesterday I went into Aldo and I found the most incredible heels and flats and they are smoke show stunner heels! They give you that stop and stare daaaaamn, those are fly heels, and look at her rock those, haha! Yep, I am hoping to get both pairs this week coming up because I couldn't decide on either or so I have to get both. They are killeeeeeer!

11. Woot, woot! excited to see my friend tomorrow because she is stopping by, yaaay! Way to make my Friday, joyous and happy!! I miss her tons! I have talked to her a lot this week though but still seeing in person and talking is not the same effect.

12. I have TONS of comments to reply back to and I have already read every single one of them, it's just finding the time to reply back to them. I am so behind on keeping up with other blogs lately with everything going on whether work, summer, family etc. It's just so busy and even more busy now that going back to school is popping up closer and closer. I will find some time this week to get back to you all, so please be patient with me. I really appreciate your comments, truly they are wonderful to read.

I think this it for Friday's post.. I don't have too much else to say at this point or moment. Enjoy your Friday and have a beautiful lovely weekend!
Signed, Joe


  1. Great post !

    Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration :) !

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  2. This song is so nice! Thanks for posting it!


  3. I totally agree with that quote from #1 - I was never much of a partier but I think it applies to a lot of different things in life.


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