Friday, August 3, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Hello Friday!
Hello August Long Week!
Hello to Keeping Busy this Weekend!

Yaay, it's Friday and I am getting this up before I leave today or else there will be another week without this post and I cannot leave you guys hanging again for another week. So without further a do, here I go!

1. To start off with number one.. I am going to put a video of a cover I have been listening to this week that I found once I got home from my little vacay and enjoy very much at the moment.

2. I don't remember if I shared this in July, which I feel like I didn't but this session I liked of this couple and wanted to share it with you all. click here to view. The photographer is Ciara Richardson.

3. Oh and I saw Justin Bieber's new video yesterday and whoa he's growing up.. you should view it if you want to. 

4. My background on my laptop is this.. the photo on the right is by this photographer which I recently heard of last month and fell in love Shannon Lee Miller photography, which you should check her out! click to view website and click here to view blog.

5. My lovely friend comes home from her vacation today!! Yaaay, I hope she had a great time! I cannot wait to meet up this week because it seems a very long time since we last hung out. I miss her so much and talking to her!! I can't wait to share with her everything.. stories and pretty little hearts. 

6. I am excited for today after work to have lunch with my other friend, who I no longer work with because she has her other job. She is doing great things at her other job and I am so so so proud of her and all of the things she is accomplishing! I will miss working with her a lot, but we definitely will keep in contact for sure because she is amazing! She is such a great person, friend and a extremely hard worker! She always has my back and vice versa.

7. Another thing I am excited for this weekend that I already mentioned was how this weekend is August long weekend. I am excited to see my family and to eat, haha! I love my families cooking and especially baking, it's to die for! Non-stop eating here I come Friday and Saturday. I know such a short visit but I have to work the Sunday and Monday or else I would stay until the Monday. Two days is better than not going at all. 

8. I am excited for the end of August to share with you guys a post on someone else's blog! I will announce that when it happens! I am excited about it but not too sure exactly what I want to write yet but I have some ideas floating around. Hopefully what ideas I have floating around comes into fruition! 

9. I really really need a new phone! I saw the Samsung Galaxy iii yesterday and it seems cool but I really want an iphone more. I am hoping this Fall or Christmas they are going to release a new iphone!! ?? I know how I am if I were to get a new phone now and I like something else later.. I will probably be in the 'i should have waited'. I definitely need a new phone because I am not anywhere near the new updated phones with instagram and all that jazz. 

10. I think this is the end for this weeks post and I will leave you with this picture I bought on my way home from my little vacay pit stop to getting home. I had to purchase it as soon as I seen it! If you are wondering, I got it from Winners. I immediately hung this baaaaby up on my wall in my room when I got home and finished unpacking.

Have a lovely Friday
a lovely weekend
lovely long weekend for those living in Canada!

Signed, Joe


  1. Your happiness and excitement poured through this post! Love all your shares!
    Have a fabulous weekend! Though I'm sure you will!
    Happy Wife

  2. I can see why those pictures are on your background -- They are so cute!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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