Thursday, August 2, 2012

Golden Sunshine

Good Day!

It's Thursday and we are almost to Friday, yaaay! I cannot wait because my beautiful friend is coming home!! And I am going to eat Friday with my other friend, which I am so excited and then later after hanging out going to visit my family. Since it's the long weekend  they are all camping and I am going to go Friday and Saturday to visit with them because I love seeing them. And usually I never see them that often besides this year where I have a lot because of certain unfortunate circumstances but I am excited!!! Especially, because I love my families baking and cooking, food gaaaaloore!!

I got these last week when I had to go to a meeting for work. I love gold jewelry, that is my go to color. I never pick silver looking ones at all or if do very randomly because it's mixed. It never appeals to me really. However, without further a do here is some goodies that I love that I have gotten and I think I have some from a while back too to post, so I will add those here too. I hope you guys enjoy this post today! :D The ones from after the feather earrings to the two birds necklace are my most recent purchases the rest I got a while ago but never got around to posting them.

For some further information 1. the ring in the first photo to the right is from Aldo 2. the three rings came from I believe forever21, the first ring might have been Aldo 3. the feather looking earrings came from forever21 also I believe 4. the love rings are from Aldo 5. the two birds necklace is from Aldo 6. the three bracelets that say love, heart shape, love are from Aerie 7. the purple earrings, at the bottom are from Aldo.

Have a lovely day!

Signed, Joe


  1. wow, amazing earrings :)

  2. These are some pretty spectacular pieces :) I adore that little necklace with the birds on a branch and those chandelier floral earrings are ever so sweet.

  3. The long earrings from Aldo are amazing!


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