Friday, September 14, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Hello & Happy FRIDAY!!!!

This Friday is back to my own thing, yaaay!! However I will admit doing those other ones from other peoples blogs seems so much easier. I don't know why but they just do even though I am sure it is the exact same amount of effort as doing my own thing. Any who, let me get started!

1. Yaaay, for another Friday off early again! Two Fridays in a row, what a touch-down, hahah!!!

2. I swear this happened to me on the last one too but imkristen has the next part up of her love story oh my my my part 10 and I saw it just before I had to leave for work again this morning. Yaaaay, so excited to read it here in a bit! :D

3. I am excited for Chelsea from my pink scribbles  to receive her package of the item she won from LIY giveaway that I gave away, which was a small duffle from PINK. Woot, woot!

4. Today was the bestest Friday ever! So last night I was looking at flowers online, because someone at work got flowers the other day. This one girl who is one of my managers said I never get flowers and I thought it would be cool to get her flowers sent at work! Haha, yep.. I did it and of course I put from a surprise person. haha! She doesn't know it's from me but two people at work know it's from me and she kept trying to figure it out the whole time I had to work today! It was so great because I had a smile on my face when she got them. I felt like that would be a nice thing to do since she has been helping me out a lot a lot at work these past two months, and I truly appreciate all her help and understanding with everything.

5. Tomorrow is my official hair cut day since it got post pone from last Saturday, which is fine by me because now I got an early appointment instead of a later one! As for the hair style I want that's honestly a surprise really.. tomorrow will determine the final conclusion once I get there and in that seat for my hair cut! It's between a long pixie cut and just really only trim a few inches off. Here are some photos of what I have been browsing through for pixie cuts but as for the longer hair style it's just this look by jennifer garner.


6. I got caught up on all my shows which were all season finales this week, so there is nothing to have to watch, other than the last episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Sunday. I cannot wait for all these shows to start / 90210 + Hart of Dixie + Gossip Girl + The Vampire Diaries + Grey's Anatomy & Bachelor Canada !!!

7. Tonight is just a catch up/relax in night, so I think I will get to watch my movies I got on Tuesday !

8. It was super great to go eat after work and catch up with my friend since it has been forever since we last talk! Always so much to say when it comes to work life and just life in general.

9. I can't wait to watch Trouble with the Curve when it comes out! Check out the trailer below!

I think this is it for today's post, so Happy Friday!! :D

Signed, Joe

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  1. Ooh lala, I like all of those cuts! Can't wait to see what you end up with!


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