Friday, September 21, 2012

Girl Run that Show

Happy Friday!!

Yeah I am totally excited it's Friday today!!!

1. I got off again this Friday early, woot woot!! Seriously this Friday early business streak isn't going to go on any longer but I will be okay with that perhaps?! Okay, maybe not really but it's good well I can have it.

2. So the new IPHONE 5 came out today!! I got that baaby in white, it's so beautiful coming from my old old old phone Samsung link. booooo! I am excited, because it definitely made my Friday today because I thought there would be huge line ups and I wouldn't get one, but not the case at all. so yaay for me and for those of you that got one too today!!

3. I definitely need to get a massage, my back was killing me last night. I don't know why but it was really hurting. So maybe I will go for a massage and hopefully this time it won't be a waste. The first time was alright, but the second time I got a massage it was a waste of money for me because she couldn't get the kinks out and to come back. What?? I am paying for this for what reason? Also it seemed like I was only in there for 20 minutes but really I was in there for an hour but never felt like it at all.

4. Oh gosh, my hair.. my hair.. my hair!! That is a whole other blog post, which I was going to do yesterday but didn't get a chance too. So perhaps tomorrow if I have the time too.

5. I am so excited to get INSTAGRAM!!! Yaaaaaay, that is one thing I have been looking forward to, to have on the phone! Yipeeeeeee!

6. Tomorrow is movie night again!! Every other Friday I have gone to a movie and here is this Friday again and movie again!! Yaay!

7. I think this is the end of my post today.. I am starving completely and utterly! I need food, so I am going to keep this Friday's post short!

Have a lovely Friday
a lovely weekend!

p.s. - (happy iphone 5 love)

Signed, Joe


  1. Great blog! Can't wait to see more outfit post :)
    Im officially ur newest follower, it would be nice if u could check out my blog!

  2. not a fan of the iphones, however, white phones are ALWAYS the best looking! i have a white htc with a transparent pink phone cover just like yours! :)

  3. wow! im so jealooous!
    im Followin you now! :-) Do you mind to follow each other?


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