Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Amazing Wednesday!

Hello Amazing Wednesday! 

I had to had to come on here and post these two videos I just saw when I came home from work today! They are both amazing and both for their own reasons and ways. I encourage you to watch both and that is all that I have for today after seeing these two videos.

The very first video of Jillian Jensen singing Jessie J's, Who You Are and her story I can definitely relate to her story in being bully. And I love how people make awareness about bullying, because back when I attended school there was nothing of that sort of thing. The funny thing is.. it's true what they say that the ones who get picked on, bully etc are usually the ones who are successful. The ones who think it's cool to bully others realize once they are in the real world it doesn't matter about being popular etc. You honestly can feel her pain within her singing and she's brave. Most people would give up and some times holding on is hard. I can definitely admit it's not as easy as to say then do. I think those that do and stick it out do such incredibly great, amazing things. Usually those ones are the ones with astounding talents that not very many or no people at all no about. I think it is amazing to see people like that, that have been bullied throughout life turn their life into something great and great things come about to them. (I could go on and on about this topic but I will keep it short.)

As for the second video if Carly Rose Sonenclar who sang Nina Simone, Feeling Good, goes to show that whatever you want in life or set your mind to in life you can achieve. ANY.THING! Because nothing is impossible because the word it's self says i'm possible! If you have a dream(s) / goals you want to achieve in life, I think you SHOULD achieve them. It doesn't matter what other people say, because truth be there are going to be people who don't support you in the things you want in life and there will be people who do. Perhaps, maybe latter of the two but at the end of the day, you know it's going to make you happy in your life, you should do everything in your utmost power to achieve the things you want. Nothing is easy in life and there will be obstacles and struggles but those are there to push you through that much more to the final thing you want. Those little frustrations are there to see if you really want it as bad as you say you do, because if you do, you will do anything and everything to gain that desire that you want in your life. 

So if anyone has every told you can't do something YOU CAN! I am saying you CAN. I BELIEVE in YOU, because I believe in peoples DREAMS and if you really want it I SUPPORT you in achieving it. Because AMBITION is good. CHASING dreams is good and PURSUING dreams is good. Having dreams is GOOD. The ultimate thing that is good is BELIEVING, because you don't know when the next corner you take may be that exact miracle you've been waiting for all long. So keep pushing forward and keep giving 110% of yourself and nothing less. If you aren't going to give all of you then there's no point. All you have to do with everything I said is to have an open mind along with heart and believe in the possibility, certainty that your wish can come true because the world is full of magic you just have to believe. So SAY IT, DO IT and DON'T WAIT because this life is all you have to live; If you don't do the things that you want then someday turns into today and then someday becomes yesterday. 

Because this life is too SHORT to waste

I will try to come back on here for a post tomorrow, but no promises. 

Have a Happy Wednesday! 

Signed, Joe

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