Monday, November 5, 2012

Kids, Extra Hour Sleep and Christmas?!

Hello Monday Morning!!

Good Morning Time Change, which really should be exciting because I get to sleep in an extra hour but really has not started off that way. It started more like up at 5 am! My body needs to readjust just a little, perhaps in two weeks time it should be okay and on a normal routine with the time change. 

And on top of this Monday morning my mom is coming back from the tropical islands!! I miss you her a lot! Oh and I have been so busy helping out by taking care of my nieces. Who knew getting them up ready for school, breakfast and their lunch would be that much of a struggle work? I seriously barely skimmed by last week Monday! I don't even know how I managed to get to work on time but I did. However, the next day was another story, yep I was 5 minutes late. You just never know with kids, things don't always go as planned! You know what I am saying?? Then managing to get out of work to be home on time so that they are home in the cozy heat. What else.. plus making sure their homework is done, shower and supper. The last thing of all is end of the night free time once all that is done, but boy is that ever exhausting? I don't think that is the right word, but it can be overwhelming and rushing by barely getting by with your own self. The first two days were sort of hectic but they went smoothly for the rest of the week in managing to get myself together. This kids thing is hard work! Legit, they are a full time job themselves! Plus if you have a job, oh boy that is where you have to be flexible because with kids it doesn't always go as you hope or plan. I give full applause for all the mothers out there, especially the single mamas raising kids! Keep up the good work!! I know how much of your time, hard work and effort along with love you give as well as put in. I salute and bow to you! It wasn't just one kid I was looking after, but two! I made it by and I am on my stretch of things left to do today before my mom gets in. I definitely did the laundry for my mom of the kids, so she wouldn't have to worry about it, swept the floor and the dishes are next then to the grocery store I shall go! (My mom when I told her via text, no leave it go to bed.. mom I am already done) but two with the time change time seemed like it was going by so slowww yesterday! It was only 5:47 pm and my friend was like I cant believe its only 5:46 pm and I was like I know I am dying right now its only this time! 

Speaking of kids, I for sure know I only want two kids. More than two isn't in the cards for me and plus its the perfect number. Because I would feel bad? having only one child and it being by itself and more than two, like three just doesn't work because there's always the middle child. I am the middle child by the way and I feel you just don't get as much as the attention and you pretty much do everything yourself, if that makes any sense? If you're a middle child I am sure you understand what I am meaning?! Oh and always the whole thing about how the middle child is weird, which my cousin and I were talking about because she had her second love bundle at the time in the summer with us camping. I was asking how many kids she wants and they want either two (which they have now) but if more then two it cant be three it has to be four! Why? Because the whole weird thing.. if you get my drift? I think I can a test to the weird thing because people have said I am weird to me, which I now don't care whatever but when your younger it kind of hurts, a little bit or maybe even a whole lot.. depending. Any who.. that's just a little of my thoughts on what I want in the future kids wise.. perhaps to be continued in the near future in other posts about other stuff related to kids! :)

(Sorry for that skip over and jumping back in about time change here) Of course that will be a different story possibly in two weeks?? Since I couldn't sleep and was up, which by the way I didn't have to be up until 7 am I was listening to ms. Taylor Swifts new album, which by the way I love! For the life of my body and I I couldn't fall back asleep. The joy of a lovely headache came with the time change, but I feel I may be going to sleep early tonight or then again maybe not.. that's enough on that! 

I was coming on here today to say something.. which I feel like I almost lost in the midst of all the week! I am back on track, so I have been at work or talking to friends and they are telling me how they are already done Christmas shopping!!! WHAT?? Come again?! Did I hear this right the first time? Its not even November, just beginning and you're already done! Holy smokes! I am just floored and astonished and I don't even know why..? I remember I use to be done when people ask me back when I was younger but these past few ones, two years I should say it just has not worked out for me to be early and done my shopping! Legit I finished my Christmas shopping on the 22nd or 23rd of last year I believe. Major behind!! Since, these conversations had been brought up I decided yesterday to make my shopping list of things for people I am buying for to not be so stressed out! I am actually glad I did, because I had no clue what to get my dad at all and of course my amazing friend gave me a brilliant idea by our conversation and what we were talking about! (Thanks again, C!) 

So today I wanted to come on here and do a list of things I have my eye on lately or for a while. This is my wishlist 'Current Heart Set On

1.  Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera (White) 2. Michael Kors Small Jet Travel Tote (Black) 3.  Khabou by Aldo (Black) 4. Nike Free TR Fit 2 (Black/Metallic Silver/Liquid Lime) 5. TNA Sweater in (Coral Orange & Grey) 6. Harper Memory Lift (so comfy!) (Slab Grey or August Teal) 7. Taylor Swift Tickets for RED Tour T.DOT! 8. Perusia by Aldo (Black) 9. Bang Buster Headband (Slope Stripe Silver Slate Heathered Black) 10.  Two-tone Waffle Cowlneck by The Gap (Cream) -> down below!

Enjoy and Happy Monday!
p.s. - I hope all those that were involved in the hurricane sandy are okay and their families are okay! (I thought I would mention this since I have family in the east coast (states) and it doesn't sound good the after math.) 

p.s.s - I am really glad to be back blogging! I really needed the break and I know especially those who follow me probably miss my posts.. well at least I hope so?! I know my friend does, because she was mentioning it to me this weekend how she misses reading my blog but I am back baaaby!! I hope you enjoy whatever happens to come this way onto this blog! (As you may have noticed or not, I am a writer and sorry for long written posts but I honestly cant help it at all! Its just me, who I am, my character!) 

xo. pixie dust kisses

Signed, Joe


  1. Your wishlist is perfection, I want every single item you covet for, especially the shoes and cardigan, they would all be an amazing addition to any wardrobe. Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  2. Great post ♥

    Many kisses,



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