Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Gift of a Simple Smile

Happy November 1st! 
Woot and Christmas is almost here
and 2013! Whoa this year has flown by!

I had an idea for my post today after being away a month and then I got some ideas as well. However, I think this is the perfect way to start off November! 

When I was a little kid my mom always use to make us do the Operation Christmas for kids! I was never jealous or anything having to do it, ever! I was actually excited because I got to find and put in things in a box for someone who is unable to have something at Christmas. As I got older I didn't really hear about it anymore, it's not as know or popular as when I was a kid. Someone I had gone to college with was doing it and asked if anyone wanted the box to do it and of course I was first to be like MEEE!!! Of course I said me because I had come across a list about it on pinterest not too long ago and wow, there it was right in front of me a chance to actually do it again! 

You can chose a girl or boy and the age you want the box to be for. I am doing a boy! I know in the past I believe I have done girls, because they are so easy to shop for. I wanted to do a boy and I am excited because someone gets to have a smile on there face for Christmas. 

If you want to join and do this go to 

Canadian website
American website

Help a little child or children out! 
Give the gift of a smile! 

A great way to start off November right and to have a great start! 

xo, pixie dust kisses 

Signed, Joe

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  1. Such a wonderful way to start of the month.. and a great cause.


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