Monday, December 10, 2012

Festive Christmas Trees

Good Morning Monday!

It's December 10th today already! Wow, time is flying! I came on here this morning to share some photos of different decorated Christmas trees. I went to a Christmas Tree festival last Saturday and there was a lot of nice trees and also activities for the little ones to do. For example photo with Santa, Trim a tree (decorate your own mini tree), write Santa a letter and then little spots to buy stuff, along with a secret shop for kids only to go in and buy some stuff. It was good and I am glad I went because the day before I was like I don't want to go most likely. Definitely worth going to check out and not be inside. 

Here are the trees! I hope this brightens your Monday morning with a little Christmas flare. :D 

Signed, Joe


  1. lovely post and trees! I love the feeling the christmas atmosphere :)

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  2. wow look at all the pretty trees.

  3. so many wonderful trees!

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