Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Earring Obsession

Hello Tuesday!! 

Yaay, I'm here for a quick post tonight! I came on here to share some lovely earrings I found two weeks ago. I found all of them in one day minus the ones from Aldo. The ones from Aldo were from a couple weeks before, but what a great time to get to wear some of these gems! Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years! I am earrings obsessed,  that is my most favorite jewelry piece to go for, over bracelets and necklaces. I really love the first photo of the cross earrings, I saw them a long time ago in the fall/September and I never got them. I went back and no more but to my surprise they had came back in store, so this time I got them! I love them! The last ones, I think I might have mentioned on here before how the last pair of earrings were some thing that my heart was set on at the current time! I saw them online but never in store and yay, to my luck were in stores, so I had to get them! I love all these gem of earrings and I hope you enjoy them too!! 

I hope you enjoy this post! 

Have a lovely night. 
Signed, Joe


  1. Ugh, the last pair is flawless.

    Love from NYC
    xx Arushi

  2. So awesome!!!!!!!!

    Many kisses ♥



  3. very good choices!!

  4. Im so sorry, that i haven't got Forever 21 in Poland :( so beautiful accesories!


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