Friday, January 4, 2013

this is my year


I wanted to come on here to write and just write because I have a lot of thoughts on a lot of things lately. I believe this post will be everything laid out on here that's from my mind, soul and specifically from the bottom of my heart pondering or dwelling. 

I know I didn't come on here much last year (2012) and I didn't do much outfit posts or stuff. It's actually been hard to, because I never felt the motivation to or I never knew what to blog. Sometimes I would want to blog about stuff and then I'm like umm.. better not, that's too out there. It's too much vulnerability but at the same time this blog is mine and is suppose to be about me and whatever my little heart wants to write about or desires. However, I am having a hard time with that.. it's like being on edge wanting to put in all these things yet it's so much to throw at you once. Mostly on my part it's a risk, a risk that I am not exactly sure if I want to do or how to go about it. Yet at the same time I know it will help someone in some way possible, so I would like to think..

There is so much I want to do with this blog or change. My idea or way of thinking was this was going to be a blog with fashion outfits, but it hasn't been that at all. It's been a lot of writing, because that is who I am. I like to write, no love to write when I can or have the chance or just because I want to since I feel a little light in my heart wanting to speak. I feel my blog is not going where I want it or what I want it to be at all. I keep thinking of all these different things I need to do for this blog but for myself to make it become what I want it to become. I want this blog to be about everything, every little thing of life. I can't stay to specifics like my blog url and to be honest it bugs me because I don't feel my blog is what the url portrays. 

I also know that some of the readership as declined even though it is not that big but I know that obviously shows I am not doing enough blogging, it's not interesting, lacking photos or just not what you the reader were hoping to view. I want to change that. I want to change that because trying to blog because I need to because I haven't isn't making my blog be successful in the way I feel in my heart. And when I mean successful  I don't mean by how many people subscribe or how comment. I mean successful in how much I really want it, how much I really am willing to put in the effort to make it become the very space and thing that I want. 

I read a lot of blogs, I love a lot of different bloggers. I read bloggers who have kids, who are married, who are in relationships or are single or write about God. I read a lot of different aspects because I am open minded and my heart can use different perspectives of life, adventures, of simply the simple little things that mean the most. Those blogs that I read are amazing, incredible and they inspire me in different forms. However, my feeling and ambition is that I want to INSPIRE people. I want to inspire you the read with what I have to say. I want you to achieve the things that you want to achieve because their is something that I said or wrote about on here that inspired you to take action to achieve the very thing you want. It doesn't matter how big or small the thing you want to achieve is, I want you to feel ambitious. possible. achievable. attainable. that dreams do come true when you do everything possible to make them happen! 

The one thing I do want to do for this blog, for myself is to re-evaluate it all round: design wise, topics, photos, every little thing I can do to make a change to make this be more lively and fresh. This is a place I want to come to write because I want to share and I am proud. I am not shy, but I am taking a huge risk. I want to define it but not to a specific one topic like fashion because that is hard for me to do. 

I know also you the readers make the blog successful by reading it and always coming back to see a new post. I of course love your feedback and read all your comments and try to reply back right away. However, I admittedly admit I do not reply back right away but I do read them and get back to you. One thing that I would like to know is your guys input on my blog because you are reading it but I am sure you have your opinion or thoughts as to what you want to see from this blog or what it lacks in your judgement. I will be gladly to interrupt everything into what this year will hold and how I am going to go about this blog. If you want more photos or more writing or more personal things or more outfit posts. I would love your feedback in that aspect to help with the whole process. I know also another thing such as writing a post at least 2 or 3 times a week. Maybe you guys want a serious Q&A with questions that you have asked and want me to answer. Perhaps you want a giveaway, whatever it may be let me know. 

I want 2013 to be my year. I want it to be my way to success because I gave my self that 110% effort. I tried and made it work. I failed and know I have done everything to make it work that it's time to move on or wasn't meant to be. I want to be motivated for a lot of things and this blog is part of it. I know I took or have taken hiatus on this blog numerous times with mention or without because life or just because or for a blog makeover. I think this time I really need to really sit down think about every aspect of this blog and everything I want to put into this and understand better what works or what doesn't for me and this blog. I need time to do this, to figure this out properly to be focused. There are things that I don't want on here anymore or want to eliminate but will keep on here as this blog grows, renews, refreshes and achieves the greatest that is in my eyes that lets this blog breathe. I want this to work out truly not just kind of want it even though that is what it looks like since I've started blogging but this is something I really want to be amazing, full of love, life, experiences and  an opportunity to achieve a dream. A DREAM you're probably like a dream? Really if you think about it from my eyes, it is a dream because with every detail and idea in my mind and soul that wants to achieve the greatness in my heart that's a dream for me to want to achieve. 

The very thing that this all comes down to and to make this year be my year is to have HEART. The very thing that I know will make me be and feel successful in my ambitions. When you have HEART you wouldn't be able to quit, to give up, or have a reason to complain. Everyone struggles in life in different forms, situations but it is only something temporary. You can change You and the opportunities that come to you by changing the things that you can. There is always the next level in life and that's to be positive. believe. etc. and those are what you have read on my blog these past years but this year my word, my feature of this blog is going to be heart. It isn't going to be easy, this I know and I am not asking it to be but if you want something you need to breathe it, eat it, sleep it, and believe it. You ultimately have to have HEART

So for this blog this year, 2013 .. I want it to have heart and be about heart. I want you to feel me, the blogger, the person that I am. I want you to read this blog because you want to or you get excited because there is something new on here to read. I want to put myself on the line of risk and be vulnerable. I want to show, be and give. I want to have HEART.

 I wanted to come on here to express this and my blog. My desires of this year with this blog which is probably kind of vague at the moment, but I don't have it figured out yet, so there is no way in which I can relate these ideas to you when I myself need to figure it out. I do hope for a lovely 2013 and for your input that I can mix in to better understand what lacks for you guys. 

Happy January 4th.
Happy Friday!

Thank You again. 

Signed, Joe

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