Sunday, January 6, 2013

for my close friends: on new years

Sunday Morning Love!

I wanted to come on here and share what I had written to my very close friends for New Years this year. I also wrote 
something last year as well for those I were close with and the year before, but as years progress the friends one has are no longer your friends. As you move on in life and finding yourself out you begin to truly see who your close friends are or you make friendships deeper with people that weren't so deep that become really super close friends with you. My point is what I wrote to them I wanted to share it on here. If I knew what I had written last year I would have documented that here as well but I don't have that piece of writing. I attached at the bottom of this what they said back to what I wrote with their initials of their name for those that may be curious. :D 

Happy New Years to You!
The one who makes My heart Sparkle,
makes My laugh shine and makes My eyes smile.

Thanks for being in my life this past year and always there for me.
I'm glad to have you in my life for 2013!

I wish you all the magic and luck this new year!

I believe in all your dreams, ambitions and adventures to come
that I hope they all come true in 2013. I believe in you, the individual

that you're and respect your integrity. 

Most of all, I love you in my life and overall because you INSPIRE me
to the utmost, beyond potential. You let magic see sparkle in my eyes.

You make me believe in the unbelievable, the impossible, the unattainable.
You make me believe and know that dreams can come true. You make my life
that more grand and happier to the fullest like New York City Sparkle.

I want to thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for all of the following
this year; Thank you for the opportunities you've given me, the love, the promises

you've kept for me. Thank you for the adventures, challenges and for being there in
time of struggles. Thank you for you're courage, joy and your beauty in the simple yet
small things. Thank you for the laughter, uncontrollable laughter and tears in eyes

laughter. Thank you for your time, wisdom, patience and kindness. Thank you for
your unconditional support, open ears and open heart. Thank you for your understanding
and for being my friend. Thank you for your advice, the pure advice that isn't sugar coated 
but is from the deepest meaningful part of your heart and soul. Thank you for letting your
heart shine, so that mine can shine too. Thank you for watching out for the best interest of me.
Thank you for being an INSPIRATION & BELIEF. Thank you for living your life to your fullest potential
so I can watch you grow, make mistakes, love, be human, flawed but mostly so I can have living proof
of what amazing-ness looks like. Thank you for your character and being the best example of goodness
that you possibly can be in my life. Thank you ultimately for the truth, being fearless and having faith
in me always, no matter what. '3

All the best this New Year and for continuing to be apart of my life this New Year! '3

Me. star

Responses from my friends

- c . Awww that made me tear up!!! (tear emotions x5) thank you, Joelynn!!! heart x3 + blush face + super happys + blush face)
- t . Thank you for the wonderful message :) I needed it.  
- j . Thank you so much for your new years text.. it was soooo nice! Thank you :) you're the best
- n . Oh my lord jobo (my nickname) that was beautiful! I obviously cant write that much and I know that you know how much I love you even though I tease you but remember that Ill always have your back no matter what! love n! happy new year my love '3

Signed, Joe

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  1. You are cute. I haven't looked at your blog ina while. Ah. I'm a bad friend. But I'm re-following you since I made ma new blog! I am happy that you have such wonderful people in your life.

    amanda @ we and serendipity


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