Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go

Day 30
[React to this term: Letting Go]

For me this term in past meant letting go of past hatred, fears, anger, negativity but those things I have worked through for the most part. Speaking as of now, letting go means to me to let go of things that happen in the moment that upset me or make me feel down. In life, things happen.. life throws you curve balls. I cannot control the outcome when things decide to come about unwillingly. I can only do something by the reaction of how I let it affect me ultimately at the time. Letting Go.. is being positive and looking at things as only temporary because things can have the subject of changing. So for me letting go is not letting things affect or impact me so immensely in the moment that aren't that BIG of IMPORTANCE or don't affect me personally but has to do with something else or someone else. What I may see now is only temporary but what is waiting for me from God is something so much bigger than I can see. 

I know it's quick, short and sweet, but that's pretty much all I have to say for today's post.

Signed, Joe


  1. Absolutely beautiful and true.

    Girl, your blog layout is to die for, you better know this already. beautiful.

  2. Aw that is sweet. Thanks for sharing <3


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