Friday, May 31, 2013

A vivid memory

Day 31
[A vivid memory]

Before I start.. WOW, WOW, WOW!! I can't believe it, it's the last day and I made it all the way through May with every challenge completed each day. And no I didn't pre-blog post anything. I literally would come on here everyday and posted my thoughts. I think it's better that way instead of having had it pre-blogged because sometimes things happen and they happen to work out for one of the challenges. Yaay, for all of you that made it to the end as well, give yourself a round of a applause, seriously! It feels really rewarding in the sense of having readers being able to get something everyday to read from me, because I know I have sucked at blogging for the past months! I think it ignited a good start for June and the rest of summer! Anyways.. for this very last day a vivid memory. 

I would have to say for this most of my vivid memories are of the type whose parents weren't together and everything was separate. It was cool I guess to those that are in the situation of having your parents not together because you have two of everything. However, it wasn't that great to be honest, because my parents always argued and such, so growing up that sucked for me. With these vivid memories the other thing that stands out is constantly being at the doctors all the time and surgery a lot as a kid. Those years when I was young was not fun at all I could definitely said I felt depressed and unhappy really to be truthfully, wholesomely honest. This probably isn't a vivid memory that most want to read about, but it's my memories that I remember.  Do not get me wrong my family seeing them was amazing at all the different holidays, occasions  and for camping out in the summer time, with bike rides. It was like my get-away from immediate home life things I remember. It would feel good, yet leaving kind of sucked. I kind of wanted to stay at times but more so I think the thing that stuck out for myself was the fact that I envied my cousins and how they had parents that were together and did things together etc. Obviously has I got older I've realized things and some things you think or wish when you are younger isn't what it seems on the other side. "the grass isn't always greener on the other side." Yeah the things that I remember a lot of may seemed not so great with the in-between release of happy moments here and there.. it was what God wanted me to go through. He wanted me to go through whatever I have to learn, realize and to help me become the person I am today and that I can be okay with because I know that it doesn't make me seem naive about certain things that may come my way. Also I feel it gives me a good eye-opener when helping people and situations they are in, but more so having the will to understand as well as help in anyway I can. These are my vivid memories that may seem not so prevalent in details but this is them and perhaps it's a sad way to end this last challenge, but I am not sad at all. I hope you aren't as you read this. I find this is something that is hopeful and let's me know that there is better out in the earth and I have a lot more to achieve, as well as be in this lifetime. This is my time now that I am an adult that can do the things I want to change my life to be positive and better. My past is my past, my future is wide open but my present time right now is what determines the outcome of my future and I want to enjoy the moments now. I want to enjoy these moments because I have always lived in either the past and or future, there was never a present until the past 2 years or so and so my memories now are happy, present in time, and yeah there aren't good days.. understandable. However, for the most part life's vivid memories in these past two years has been happy. =)

Have a lovely weekend!! 

I will try to figure out the month of June, to continue some posts for you guys!!

Signed, Joe

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