Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Day 29
[Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories.]

#1. I really love this song, especially when I may feel a bit down or for something calming. It gives me hope and belief that things will work out how they are suppose to and that I am not alone in this journey. Everything that doesn't make sense to me or I don't understand that I try to it's not for my understanding God does wondrous miracles in life everyday and I just need to believe and know that his love will encompass anything. 
Have Your Way by Britt Nicole on Grooveshark

#2. I enjoy this song off of her new album and there is also a couple of other songs as well that I enjoy but for this it just reminds me of a guardian angel watching over me. 
Nightingale by demi lovato  on Grooveshark

#3. I love this song off of their new album, because it reminds me of dreams and all accomplishments and things in life that you want to achieve.
Counting Stars  by One Republic on Grooveshark

#4. I like another song of theirs also but I have been listening to this a lot ever since I heard it and I believe I came across it on itunes when it first came out. This song has so much emotion but it gets me into a zone by listening to it and this is the song I listen to while reading the book I Declare. I feel it gets me in the positive mood and off to a good start in the morning combined with reading the book.
Heartbeats by Hillsong United on Grooveshark

#5. This beautiful, beautiful song is amazing and also another new song off their album. It is divine and amazing. It just gives so much beauty, hope, love and makes you know that everything you've tried or set out to do, you actually do and don't have any regrets. It's just a happy song for me drenched with big dreams within in and full of sweet sweet beautiful love that inspires you and everything you have done in your life. 
I lived by I lived on Grooveshark

A some bonus extras ..  

#&!. This is a fun upbeat jam I like currently
Fall Down (feat. Miley Cyrus) by on Grooveshark

#&! I like this fun, upbeat song if you want to get in a upbeat mood! 
Play it Again by Becky G on Grooveshark

#&! I had to come back on here add in this song because it is amazing and I only heard it today but I love it. Oh and I found out about it because of Shannon of arrowstheblog who was previously milkandcookies. I owe finding out about this song to her so go check out her blog. =)
The Fear by Ben Howard on Grooveshark

Signed, Joe


  1. You are the second person I found today who likes Demi! It's so rare that I find anyone older than 10 that likes her (I have a 9 year old sister that is OBSESSED with her). I love the song Nightingale from her new album. So powerful! I hadn't heard this Britt Nicole song before this, but it's so good. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hillsong United and Brit Nicole never fail to cheer me up when I'm felling down.

  3. thank you for sharing, will check it out!

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