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One of My Best Friends and Why I Love Her + Think She's Great! :)

Hello Sunny Sunday!

Day 5 [Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don't have a blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member]

I have to decided to write about one of my best friends, which I have a few more but it says one. I decided on this best friend because of all the amazing stuff lately. 

Before I get into this, you're all probably wondering why I haven't even chosen a blogger friend, but to be honest I don't honestly have any. Yes, I comment on peoples blogs that I read and yes I have emailed some bloggers I admire and they have been short and sweet conversations. I haven't made it to the point of I talk/email someone through a blog regularly that we are now friends. If that makes sense? I thought I would address that in case anyone is curious as to why I am writing about someone I know personally in my life. Yes, it would be cool and fun to make friends with people through blogs and such things, but I am not exactly there or at that point really. I hope that clears that topic that may come up first but I hope you enjoy this post even though its not someone who has a blog. 

Where do I start with this? Wow, I could start from a million different angles and give you all a brief mini history background or just get straight into the question. I think I will just start right into the question and if you have any questions on anything you guys can leave me a comment or email me here. What makes my best friend great? Oh yeah.. would be proper to let you know her name, it is Joyce and I have mentioned her on my blog in a few posts if you've been here that long or if you are new that's okay because you will really get a better view and my opinion here, which my other blog posts don't exactly do that rather just mention certain stuff to do with her. Okay.. so I am most likely rambling on here but WHY I LOVE HER! First off I love HER because she is so INSPIRATIONAL and AMAZING! You don't understand how much of an awesome person she is and don't get me wrong I believe all my friends are awesome as well just for some clarification on that. ;) She has these incredible, amazing stories not only about her but about her sister which by the way they are both inspirations to me when it comes to the stories. I love her because she is a good person, has a kind heart and always, always understands me along with my situations in life. She has not once let me down, put me down or anything. She is always so open and listens to what I have to say but gives me the raw advice of both sides and why something is like this etc. I am so grateful for her and her friendship, because life actually wouldn't be that fantastically great without her in mine. I am so glad we have been friends for years 8+ or so years.  I am beyond thankful for the friendship. I know in our friendship there is an equal balance but I will add I may talk peoples heads off some times or most times on certain topics but for the most part I would definitely like to believe we are equally balance in our friendship and it isn't one sided. It definitely isn't one sided at all, we have so many stories that we share and some times we don't see each other for long periods of times or talk to each other for long periods of times, but it is never awkward or anything. We just catch up right where we left off from how ever long ago we last talked or saw each other. Lately, we have been talking and seeing each a lot more this year, which I am super duper happy about when it works out! I can't pass up an opportunity to hangout with my best friends ever. She is always giving me great advice, great support and always such an influential person in my life. I love when she hears something I think, feel or believe because shes so encouraging in the aspect of wow, wow, wow I wish more people thought like that and that is precious to me. There are times where I am kind of unsure of certain things and I'll talk about something and she gets it, understands where I am coming from while at the same time is so amazed and enthusiastic about everything.  I could talk for hours upon hours, upon hours with her, but I do feel or must say I feel we don't get to talk for that long some times. It feels that way, however there are times we are there for long periods of time talking and its like whoa its already this time.. I could continue on more about a whole bunch of cool topics. We've talk about everything pretty much and all the crazy stuff in between but I will admit I know I can give more of myself, because I don't really feel I have over the years or at all really with a lot of people. The past two years I have been really working on that aspect in my life and there are some things I know I need to bring up and discuss with her before I set off but I really do hope I get to give her a more better understanding of me before summer ends or by the time I leave. I love her because she, like my other best friends is someone who has my best interest at heart and I love that. I am grateful for that and shes the type of friend that is reach for the stars along with a home run series. Shes a classic, the best and most unbelievable person in my life. What makes her great is the time she will make to see you, help you, give you advice, just all round make the effort with you to see you. Joyce is great in so many ways, and I am so proud to be her friend as well as with all the things she has accomplished plus overcome. She is amazing and I support all that she has done, continues to do etc. This is why I love her.. to simply put it GREAT! I am without words, deeply lucky to have her. She is the most marvelous person that God has put into my life and I am so so so so so unbelievable grateful and appreciate every chance I get to spend with her. She truly is one of my inspirations in life which also makes her another reason that I find her great. (My other friends are also inspirations to me as well in their own beautiful unique way.) I love her for her belief in me, her understanding of me and for staying by me for this long. She is someone so great that has lived, lives and enjoys herself and life. I admire her for who she is, what she has been, what she is becoming, and who she is currently right now at this point in time in life, this history of twenty-thirteen. And also for what she has achieved as well. Joyce along with my other best friends are my living proof that things do happen, that life is great and that amazing things do really come true. Another reason I think she is great is because her belief in others and her wanting the best for you because she knows that you have that potential to strive for greatness and even more so can reach beyond to achieve outstanding miracles that very few allow themselves to catch because they allow themselves to give up that easily when they are so so close. I love how her heart shines so much, that is allows mine to shine as well because of her greatest within her self. I love her for our adventures of places that may not matter but the conversations do. They have so much heart and meaning that they give some thing that, oh wow!.. I definitely needed that and she totally got what I am saying or she blows my mind with some thing great that she has to say. My truest very last reason why she is great and I love her so is because she is one of the people in my life who makes my heart SPARKLE, makes my laugh SHINE and makes my eyes SMILE in amazement. She is a person where all the voices competing for my attention just drown out and the one thing that lights up inside my heart plus mind is her voice of spine-tinging happiness of utter awe-inspiring, heart  thrilling excitement. 

- I love you best friend! You're a phenomenal and the absolutest greatest blessing ever in my life. I am so grateful which I know I said a million times, but I probably don't say that much or ever and I hope you know that and are aware of that. Love you girl! Thanks again for being there always and having my back for the good times along with rough. 

(See you all tomorrow for DAY 6! + Sorry its late again today but I had work but better late then never, right?) 

Signed, Joe

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