Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the lazy exclusive [day in my life]

Day 15
[A day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like]

I couldn't exactly do today's challenge according to this because stuff came up, so this is my way.. hence my title. By the way my title isn't very accurate in terms of reasoning why I couldn't do the photo an hour, even though I really wanted to or my typical day. Sorry for the disappointment but I do plan on doing this exact task in the near close future once this May challenge is over! I was actually shown this by my best friend the other day from someone else's blog that was an old post and thought it was so cool! Look! low and behold it's on the May challenge, funny how that works! That is on my to do list for you people. 

If I were to write out what happened today was I couldn't sleep all night, so it happened like this:
- 2:00 am watching Oprah's next chapter Chelsea Handler interview
- 3:00 am listening to Oprah's next chapter Jason Collins interview
- Laid in bed wide awake, ugh!!! I have to be up soon!
- Was up at 7 am got myself ready because I had to be somewhere special! ;) 
- I was at my meeting spot at 9:20 am, so I would be on time for 9:45 am to be on time for 10:00 am on the dot for whatever else I needed to have completed.
- I was done at 11:00 ish, went with my mamma to get some stuff
- Got home later in the day and was just lazy in my pj's just chillin' on the computer, texting + on the phone, you know catching up with my cool peoples.. haha! (I was like to a friend finally I get to meet up with some cool people! I did hangout with a cool people monday for some yummy food! But you know when it seems so long, so maybe because everything is just going all not as planned and you just need to rant and ugh. Then you just need to hang with your cool people, who are my best friends/friends I needed to see, you know those times.. right?! -- it's like dirty laundry.. haha, like how kelly rowland sings it in her new drop that hit maker song! lol!)

so you see my day was not so eventful or a typical one!  

Here is me chillin' out on my bed to some cool music by Becky G!
peeeace, night! ;) 

Signed, Joe

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