Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hello May 1st!!

Yes and yaay?! I am back on here to post for the month of May and I know I have been MIA for two months but hopefully this month will be interesting! I have decided to join in with Story of My Life Blog every day in May: a challenge. Jenni came up with all the topics for the month of May, which I think this is a great thing. It's a great idea especially if you have been feeling stuck or not had time to keep up or being part of you blog. I think these blog posts will get your juices flowing and make you feel inspired. Jenni has some rules that go along with the month of May challenge, which by clicking the link I had added in above will explain everything for you and give you all the list of topics for each day! Enjoy and here I go with today's! 

Day 1 [Wednesday] 
- The story of your life in 250 words or less.

I was born in April 1988 in Alberta, Canada. I just turned twenty-five last month, insane! I have never lived anywhere else in my life time yet. I have always lived in the same spot since I was born, however the same home no. I have lived in three different homes throughout my childhood. When I was born I wasn't born as a normal healthy baby and my life has consisted of many irregular things. I had surgery almost every year when I was younger because I had nasal polyps that would grow and they would have to be removed. What are nasal polyps exactly? Well they are pretty common, noncancerous, tear drop shaped growths that form in the nose or sinuses and are about the size of a seedless grape when they are mature. I graduated from high school in 2006 and went onto university two or three years after that. However that didn’t exactly work out in my favor, but I decided to finally pursue the one thing I have desired since I was nine or ten years old this fall. I had my first job at the tender age of fourteen years old and have been working ever since then. My nationality consists of Jamaican, German & Norwegian + (Canadian) since I was born here in Canada. I have a dog that is half shitzu and half poodle, he has been on some of my blog posts. My grandpa is the best person I had ever known,

I hope you all enjoyed this first post and if you have any questions on anything I have written here today or would like me to do further posts on specif things I have mentioned in this post, just leave me a comment or send me a quick email here. 

Signed, Joe

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  1. Aww, I just Googled shi-tzu cross poodle puppies, and they are adorable! I've got a lhasa apso cross jack russell :)


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