Tuesday, May 7, 2013

what i am «most» afraid of losing..

Oh hey Tuesday! ;) I hope you guys are having a wonderful day!

Day 7 [The thing(s) you're most afraid of]

I feel like I can go a number of ways with this topic, because I remember having this topic brought up with a friend a few months ago. 

i am most afraid of, losing my parents and yes I understand the fact that they lived a good life if they are pretty old. However, after my grandpa past away I honestly have no idea how I would handle this situation. 

Another thing I am scared of is something that popped up two weeks ago that I never really thought about ever but it hit me out of nowhere. I said my thoughts even though maybe I should have kept it inside perhaps. I am scared of giving all of myself to people and then leaving them behind and not knowing if they will or how they will cope. I feel like its almost a selfish thing, yet not giving anything at all could be considered the same. It sucks.. because its there right smack dab in the middle and there is nothing I can really do about it. 

The next thing that makes me afraid is getting abused in any way. I remember having this conversation when the whole controversy happened with Rihanna and the person who (I am no longer friends with) said if those things happen to you its because you let it happen. Its your fault. I understand there are signs but there are times that things happen to good people that don't deserve it and there isn't anything they can do about it. Its not the persons fault that it happened to them if someone decided to do something to them out of nowhere, out of there control. People don't control other peoples ways. This has been one of the things I have been afraid of for a couple of years now as I got older. When I was younger I never had these weird thoughts.

This is one other thing that I am afraid of losing is my best friends. I feel like after everything I have been through I've finally found good people. These are people who bring out the good in me, support me and just all around good people I like to spend time with. I know they say friends come and go but not these friends, these best friends are the rare kinds that are hard to find. And you come across them very rarely in life and I like that I have a small knit of best friends of good quality. I could careless about the quantity of friends, I rather keep my interest in the quality. I swear these best friends are the ones I want to see everything that I am able to possibly see of them in my lifetime. I believe these are best friends that I can see being at my wedding and it just makes my heart happy

My very last thing that I am afraid of losing is a family member, whether it be my immediate, aunt, cousin, uncle, grandma I couldn't bare hearing of anything bad happening to them. I will admit I have had some pretty close calls in my lifetime with this (those people I've mentioned) but everything has worked out for the most part. 

This is my few things and hope you enjoyed reading this. 

Signed, Joe

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  1. I'm definitely afraid of losing any loved one too. It's so hard knowing it's going to happen and being half a country away. And I would have lost some best friends probably before the internet since I moved away, but it's so much easier with all the social media!!


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