Saturday, May 25, 2013

words are just words.. right?

Day 25
[ Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget (good or bad)]

This one was an automatic for me.. and it isn't something good, however I am making up for the bad with a good right underneath! 

So I was told and it was not that long ago pretty recent years my twenties that "If I were to walk into a room I would never capture a guys attention." Yeah that burned and still does, it still sits kind of in my head. I know I shouldn't let it be, but it's still there. It's not so predominant in my mind but it is there and that is probably the first thing I would say compared to other things I've heard of myself if someone asked me. I am definitely not one of those girls that goes out of their way to get attention. I don't even like when attention is on me you know? My aim has never been to walk into a room/classroom in school to make everybody turn around (turn there head) and just stare at me, all mesmerized. That is not my priority ever, my education has always been more important than trying to win over getting some guy's attention. If a guy likes me and whatnot, okay fine but I am not going to go out of my way to try and make a point. (I am not going to make that my focus when I am getting an education or doing my thing. If someone does come I am also not going to ignore it either because that could be my person, my soul-mate, love of my life, my future husband, my future father of my kids. Usually things like that happen when you aren't searching for someone but living your life.)  I think it bugs more though also is because the comment I heard that people thought of another girl "Oh she's not the girl who gets married." The girl wants to be married, be a wife and have kids. And it goes hand-in-hand with me for the comment I received and yes, that girl was crying. She did want to be married. For me, I want to me married as well. I want to find someone that loves me for me and be happy. However, comments like the one I got don't help any, because it can make one feel ugly or have low self-esteem when it comes to guys or having a relationship with a guy. Any ways.. I am going to change directions and hope that explained that quickly, but if not and want to know more or want to share your story with me comment below or send me a quick email! 

Now for the good stuff, which I want to talk about more.. and I know you guys would like to hear more of something good + positive I am sure is this... !! =)

- You are intelligent
- You are beautiful 
- You are valuable 
- You are smart

Having these said to me was weird at first I am not even going to lie, but they were also at the same time SO POWERFUL. Because when you never hear things like this and someone says it for the first time, it's a shock and weird. But it definitely changed my life and how I felt or thought about myself. I will always remember these words told to me. How I felt and how I feel about myself now compared to back then. life changing

so that's that, see you tomorrow for day 26! 

Signed, Joe

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