Saturday, May 25, 2013

3 not so fondest of traits

Day 24
[ Your top 3 worst traits]

WHoa, wow I am going to get right into this.. 

#1. Tempermental: I definitely can have swinging moods. I could be fine and fine and fine and then something happens or whatever. I can just snap not meaning to at people but I do because I am annoyed or irritated mostly and don't want to be around anyone. You could ask me the simplest question about something and because I'm frustrated and or annoyed I don't care about the question that is related to why I may be in that mood. I can have days and days of being super hyper and fun. I rather be by myself then with surrounded with other people for long periods of time. It makes me more annoyed, agitated or overwhelmed that I just need to have my own space by myself no one near me time. 

#2. Impatient: I definitely can be impatient and sometimes just can't be bothered with things going so slow or I'll get irritated. For the most part I am pretty able to make compromise and not be like that, but there are those days I am just like ugh! 

#3. Stubborn: I get told that by my mom, and I've heard it from others. I can be stuck in my ways even if others said their opinion. I have never been one to do what everybody else does, so I do what I feel for myself. Okay I will admit there are times my way ends up not correct that I chose, however that's life. Life is about experiences and learning. I can be stubborn but have been working on listening to what others say and taking it into consideration because sometimes things don't work out my thought out / planned way. I've taken this into consideration for the past year. 

This is pretty much it for today's post! Have a great weekend! 

Signed, Joe


  1. I totally see all 3 of these things in myself. I blame #1 on PMS, because well, everyone else probably already is. #2 and #3.. I blame heredity. My parents are definitely impatient AND stubborn, and who doesn't like to blame their parents for things.. :)

  2. I can be really impatient, waiting for things is such a pain! Your blog is great! :)


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