Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just add a little sparkle

Hello Daisy Blossom's!

I know I am a day late, but I had a family situation to take care of, so sorry for not having a post yesterday. This is what I had wore Saturday to the wedding of my cousin. I had also done a reading for their wedding at the church ceremony part. If you would like more photos with more detail of what I wore just let me know and I can recreate that for you guys.
It's just been a hectic week this past week and so is this week, even though I thought it may calm down but it's not going to this week. I know this is quick but I wanted to get something up before I don't get anything this week up at all again. 

Have a lovely day.

Cardigan : Costa Blanca
Top : Urban Planet
Skirt : Garage

                                                       Signed, Joe

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