Friday, July 12, 2013

I want to roll over but I got to lean back

Hello Daisy Blossom's!

It's Friday and I am back on here to post something. I know I have been inadequate in posting properly last week and not really posting at all this week. I have been working double in one day, so it's been hard to make time to put up a post. If I have a couple of minutes I am way to tired to post up something, even though I know it's the day. My schedule has been too overwhelming to even preblog something either, so I come on time today to write since it's Friday (Journal Fridays). And sorta of last minute too but just in time. 

I think this week I finally felt a sense of relief from the overwhelming things that I have going on or need to get done. The biggest thing that was holding me back I finally completed and got help with. I am very thankful for that help, because I know if I didn't have the help I wouldn't be very productive really I think. I feel I would still feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxiety and stuck. I think now the one step I had to do, put a lot more perspective of things into a bigger reality shock then ever before. It's almost here soon that I will have to move away and leave my best friends behind. I was sitting here thinking about that today and I can't believe everything is happening so quickly.. much quicker. I am not sure what to expect to be honest; I do know the feeling of home sickness has swept into my thoughts and feelings today for some reason. I think it's because there won't be the familiar of the known anymore, it will be the unfamiliar of the unknown. This new journey coming upon me so quickly is some days exciting, other days worry with just recently homesickness. I think the hardest part will be leaving my friends for some months, but I do know they're proud and happy that I am going for what I want. They are the most truest and realest friends I have ever had that I can talk to them anything and everything. I am truly glad for that, it makes me have a level sense of ground and balance that I have them in my life. 

As for other things to update on in my life because I do lack mentioning things that I say I could write about on here, but seem not to write them or do but I draft them. Anyways.. at the end of June-ish I went to see Cody Simpson in concert with a friend. He is a very talented singer and has an amazing musical direction that he wants to go. The thing that really got me however, which I don't know why but it was just super prevalent to me is WOW he is such a GENTLEMEN. The moment that determined that and took to my heart was the moment a girl that got chosen to go on stage which he sung to her, but then asked her to dance. Yeah I am a total sucker for stuff like that. It makes my heart melt seeing or reading awesome cool love stories. (In this case sweetness) They make my heart happy inside. But yeah that is that and my next concert actually this week that of Bruno Mars. I can't wait for that experience and how the concert will be, so I hopefully will mention that on next Friday's journal fridays post. And speaking of music I can't wait to download Cody Simpson's new album. I like Jay-Z's and Ciara's new album they put out, oh and I can't forget to mention D-Pryde. For any of you who were wondering what I like listening to or am currently listening to those are my currents. If you want specifics however of songs from each of the albums mentioned then you can leave that in the comments below and I shall talk about that in next friday's journal fridays post for you guys. 

My sleep pattern of course has been messy as well with working and then having weird times or little time in-between to sleep. I have been falling asleep at two am in the morning and getting up early for work or sleeping in until eight or nine am. However, then I take a nap around two pm because of my messy sleep pattern schedule with the things I need to do. What else? This weekend I have a wedding to attend of a family member, so maybe I'll have an outfit look for you guys for inspiration monday, hopefully then to view since I am just mentioning or thinking about that now. 

Lately I have also been thinking about BIG DREAMING, BIG DREAMS and the possibility of them coming together and happening. I think if you really want something bad enough in your life, you will be willing to do the work and put in all the effort to make it come to life. And yeah, don't get me wrong that it's not easy because it's not. If it were easy you wouldn't achieve the things that you do or want in life if they were. The reason why things are hard or super hard depending on each and everyone's situation is to see if you really want it bad enough as you say you do. Those obstacles that you think hinder you, they don't if you believe you must have it. They're there to weed out the ones who say they want it but really don't want it and aren't willing to make the sacrifices or willing to put in the effort to attain the very goal or dream they believe they desire. Yeah, you will have down in the bottomless pit times, where everything seems like a struggle or you don't know what to do or which direction to take and or listening to what everyone else thinks. I understand they don't want to see you fail or hurt but failure is what leads to the success of what it is you want. Without failure how would you know to try that much harder, work that much harder, put in that much more effort then the last time, or simply how would you even know if you don't even let yourself try? I think but also feel and believe that I rather fail at something for trying to make something happen or work in my life to make it apart of me then to never have tried at all and just simply always constantly wondering. Because really at the end of the day who has to live with that unhappiness, that unsatisfaction? you, so why not make the most of your life to change the things you can and do the things that you believe in your heart that God put in their as your purpose and go do them. Because I believe in your dreams, your goals and there's no point in dreaming small if they aren't dreams that aren't big enough to scare you. The dreams that are worth being scared for are probably the very thing you need to do to fulfill your life and live the dreams along with the life you want to live + achieve. Coming from me I want you to reach your dreams. i want to see you soar. i believe that the best possible outcome will lead you to an amazing opportunity if you just keep your faith & believe. Don't get me wrong it's hard and you struggle. I have struggled a lot along my journey, but with struggle or sacrifice there would be no compassion or humility. So I say take the risk because if it's something you want it will be worth the fall

And that is all I have for this Friday, so I hope to be on time for Monday's post and the rest of the week starting Monday! 

Happy Weekend and Cheers! :)

Signed, Joe

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