Friday, July 26, 2013

on a mattress with my feet up

Hello Daisy Blossom's!

It's Friday and hopefully it was all happy for you all. I just got home and I have an hour left of it being Friday! It's just my lovely laptop and mc d's bacon cheeseburger with an oreo mcflurry. I had to get something from there on my way home from work. I don't think there really is a whole lot to mention in this Friday's post that i can think of. I've had such a busy week this week and also comes with it being tired. However, I have a lot of stuff to take care of tomorrow that I need to get completed. The 1st of August is almost here soon I still have quite a bit of things to get checked off but also is the last month to hangout with anybody and everybody that wants to before I leave on my adventure. 

As it's getting closer and closer everyone keeps asking me if I am excited. I am but this past bit of this week I feel more overwhelmed more than any other emotion to be truthfully honest. i feel more that because everyone is down my throat about do this or doing that and I know I have certain things that have to get done. i am only one person, that can be in only one place at once or do one task at once that can't be something which I have the ability to multitask. I know what I have to do but I am not give space or time to even do certain things. It's difficult, all the pressure and overwhelming feeling. I have it written down, it's not that i am one to say oh yeah I know and not do it. I know, but I need the time to and I am only human and can only complete so many things in one day. 

I don't know.. do any of you get that feeling or understand the feeling of being overwhelmed not by yourself because you understand along with know what you need to do but from everyone else and it's not necessary? Even more so deciding to move away to go to school and having all these tasks to complete before you leave that are important or else certain things can't come together and happen for you. Let me know your overwhelming stories / moving away to school, moving away in general or just simply feeling that feeling from others + pressure. Let me know in the comments or send an email and I'll respond either way that's good for you. 

I think this is my Friday post. 
& have a happy Saturday tomorrow! :)

If you're wondering that is my cute little puppy above. 
see you monday! 

Signed, Joe

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