Wednesday, August 7, 2013

grateful-thankful wednesdays

Hello Daisy Blossom's!

I know I haven't been posting as regularly for Monday or Friday but that is because I have a lot going on with moving and working at the same time. I am a very busy bee as well as trying to figure out time to hangout with people has been challenging also with schedules not being the same and what not. So if you don't see regularity this month this is why and if there isn't a whole lot next month either, it is because I am getting into the groove of a routine as well as a new environment, so bare with me during this month and next. If I haven't done the Monday/Friday 's post but Wednesdays is going through regularly it's because I have the time to actually get this done and really it's a simple task to be honest. I wanted to say this little piece before I get into todays post but I hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday!

1. With all my heart, thank you for tonight because the little gathering of dinner, conversation and being around lovely people plus tons of laughter until water eyes happen from laughing so much is a genuine sparkle of light.
2. I am truly blessed for all the amazing people God has allowed to be apart of my life this far, because so many little things have happened that really are the big moments. 
3. I am truly grateful for the outcome of everything that has happened to me these past couple of months, because God had a much more bigger plan than I could have witnessed on my own.
4. I am so grateful for the people who truly care, because I know that they will always help me and listen to what I have to say no matter what or help any way they can.
5. With all my heart, thank you for all the experiences I have had in my hometown I was born in, because now I have the chance to experience something new, make mistakes and figure out a lot of things on my own.
6. With all my heart, thank you for this month and the time that I get to spend with people, because it feels lovely to be able to spend quality time. 
7. I am truly blessed for the next couple of weeks and what is going to take place, because I know the experiences to come will be full treasures and full of gratefulness. 
8. I am so grateful for all the wonderful blessings in my life, because life is beautiful and full of magic if you allow yourself the ability to see it along with feel it. 
9. I am truly grateful for my really close friend Cristina, because we are on the same wave length but a whole other level higher that it's just so ridiculously awesome how much goodness a friendship like this is as well worth so much more than anything money can buy. 
10. With all my heart, thank you for my family whether they're close, far away, or immediate because I care so much for them and will be there for them no matter what is going on. 

Signed, Joe

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