Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bath & Body Works!

So I went to the mall today and I went into Bath and Body Works to check out what they had. They had some deals going on, however I ended coming out with hand santizer which was 3 for $5 and candles which the big ones were on sale but they didn't have the big one in the kind I liked so I opt for the small ones which were regular price. The big ones however are definitely more worth it than the small ones because it was 2 for $25. The two flavor of candles I purchased are Pineapple Mango (I love mango scent) & The Perfect Christmas Fireside (I could not leave the store without buying it and was the one they were sold out of in the bigger size which was on sale.) As for the hand santizers I picked up Tropical Papaya, Fresh Market Apple and Calypso Berry.
P.S> Sorry for not having an update for the longest time!


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