Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bobbi Brown : Beauty Rules Book

I went out tonight not looking for anything and aimlessly came across Bobbi Brown’s new book. I was so intrigued by it I had to get it. I first saw it at the front entrance but I was like no maybe next time. However, I ended up walking further into the bookstore and another table had a copy. I said to myself, okay well I may as well get it because I'm standing here so into it. I also skimmed through Lauren Conrad’s new style book since I wanted to see what all the commotion everyone was talking about. I don't know... I wasn't fascinated but then again maybe I was skimming through it quickly. I think I will have to go back and check it out once more. However, I did come across another book it was a set of 2 books called 100 fashion designers from A-Z. I was so amazed by that, it's definitely something I want for Christmas! Besides those 2 points; I opted for Bobbi Brown. I have to read through it to let you all know what I really think of it and all the little tid bits of things I may have not known or interesting facts that makes you go huh... never knew that or wow now it makes more sense and so forth. Also, what I like about the book it has the different ethnicities from black, asian, latin to curly hair, foundation for different ethnicities etc. So far from what I was reading & skimming through the book was worth it over all.
I will definitely do a full review of the book once I read through it and try things as well that is recommended etc. So until that I hope you go to your local bookstore and purchase your copy or just browse through the content at your local bookstore. I purchased mine at my local Indigo which is also related with Chapters & Coles. The book cost $29.95 Canadian but on top of that if you have iRewards with them you can get a discount which I do and I saved $3.00. But you shall see a full review of this book in a couple of weeks or so, if not sooner.


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