Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taylor Swift - Speak Now Album!

So I purchased Taylor Swift's new album today and it is so good! She never seems to disappoint. I got the deluxe cd version and I listened to the second disc instead of the 1st one first. The song that captured me on the second cd was Haunted, just the lyrics and what she had to say captured me and my attention. Right as of now I am listening to the first cd which is only on track #2. I will finish listen to this tonight and let you know what other songs captured my attention immediately. Her whole album is beautiful and well written, so the songs are just remarkable. I definitely recommend you purchase her album or buy it from itunes or whatever place else you can purchase it. I also have her other 2 albums and I guess 3 really since Fearless came out later as a platinum edition as well with a few new songs.

So I finished listening to the rest of the album and the other songs that caught my attention were tracks #2 - Sparks Fly #5 - Dear John #6 - Mean #15 - Last Kiss and #14 - Long Live.



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