Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bobbi's Basic Life Rules

So I haven't even begun to be that far into the book and I already I found something intriguing that I had to do a post about. As the title speaks.. Basic Life Rules

1.) Be Nice

2.) Tell the Truth

3.) Take Risks

4.) NEVER Give Up
5.) Be on Time
6.) Be Open!!!

7.) Care about Something

8.) Give Back
9.) Work Hard

10.) Look People in the Eye: It Shows Confidence.

I have to agree with her of rules 1 to 11. I definitely could use some work on the area such as taking risks. Yes, everybody makes decisions and choices on a daily basis that will affect our life in some form or another, however there's a difference. There's the playing it safe, being in control and undoubtedly knowing the outcome and then there's the huge risk where you don't know of anything that is about to come of you or make of you. Sometimes in life it's those big risks we are afraid of to take that lead us to the most amazing opportunities and adventures we would have never expected in a million years. In the beginning it may be ruff and hard times but you are bound to come out of it and raise above it. Well, later done the road in life you will be thankful you took the risk along with it won't seem as difficult as it seemed at the time.

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