Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Burgundy! Burgundy! Lace! ;)

So today after work I went around the mall and wasn't looking for anything really specific, just wanted to check out some shoes at Aldo. However, sadly they did not have what I was looking for, yet at the same time I found some cute little boots. I will check out those on friday after I work-out at the gym at a different mall since they seem so cute. Besides, the point of why I came on here to make a post, so I was just wandering around the mall with a friend from work and came across a cute sweater dress in burgundy, a burgundy skirt and a burgundy tank. The sweater dress I am going to go back for because they are having 50% off and on Saturday I believe so I'm going to go to the mall just for that. I got the skirt and tank so cute, so I post photo below of each. After we went into another store and I was fooling around and saw these crazy looking leggings and tried them on for a laugh. I actually tried on a couple of pairs that were I'm serious about and would wear, they were all lace. There was black & red lace, black & grey, grey & black and purple & black. I ended up with the purple and black since the other ones were mmm.. okay. They were $8.50, the skirt was $15.50 and the tank was $8.50 [canadian]. Tell me what you think of the items I purchased especially the lace leggings! I hope this post was interesting at least!


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