Monday, January 24, 2011

1st Dates ...

So I wanted to do another post!! Yaaay! :D

This post is about 1st Dates! Woo, the emotions that run through your body are just insane. It changes from 'OMG' to excited/happy to 'what did I get myself into' to 'nervous' to 'Is the really seriously happening?'

I think it can be a nerve racking thing to think about really. You want to make a really good impression but of course that of your natural self. You want to look beautiful but you also want the beauty from within to shine through also.

There is so many things that may run through your head that you may want to prep yourself, so you feel calm. I would also say definitely tell a super close friend who understands you and won't judge you. They can calm you down and give you a heart to heart friend guidance through this process, which is a relieve honestly.

I think some pointers to help you with your nerves is to get some things ready the night before to make it a little easier to ease your emotions and nerves.

My list of key pointers

- make a list of questions you want to ask or know [if you can't think of any definitely check online for some questions to ask, so that way if you get stuck you have something to rely on or perhaps may even find questions you never thought of even asking! :D]

- make a checklist prep of what you think you need to do to get ready for this big moment
-> paint nails
-> hair mask

-> body scrub [why not? since if you're going to attempt to do a hair mask to your gorgeous locks may as well ;)]
-> deep cleanse for your face

-> brush & floss your beauties to perfection white ;)
-> get a enough sleep [so you don't look dreadfully tired or something else]
-> exercise to help you feel more relaxed [if you know in advance and have a week until it is coming around go hit the gym 3 times that week]

When it comes to your purse, you'll want to make sure you have everything you need in it

-> mints/gum

-> cell phone [but do not leave it on ringer or keep checking it because that's rude and shows you're not interested]

-> money [sometimes you think they're going to pay but they don't or you need to get home somehow, so you need some money for a taxi]

-> little kleenex packages that are purse size effective

-> any make-up you need for touch ups

-> whatever else you like to carry in your purse

[you definitely don't want to much stuff though that you are unable to find things and have to dump your whole purse out. If your purse is to that extent I think you need to take out the things you don't absolutely need and keep the things you really do to make it easier on yourself.]

For the final stages of things which concludes the outfit & hair & makeup


Chose something that's classy, sophiscated yet still sexy but doesn't show too much skin or cleavage along with keeping it simple but yet cute that shows you have self-respect for yourself. Knowing what to wear also depends on where you are going as well to because you don't want to overly dress and you don't want to underdress. So I would say causal/semi-formal. If you're not sure of what outfits to chose definitely ask for one of your closest friends opinions or family memebers.


not sure what to do with it .. right? There are so many opitons as in simple updo, down, wavy, curl, straight or the classic high bun like the runway. I also think it's depends on the accessories you want to wear. For example : your earring if you want them to be noticed they make it so your hair is up or if down that pieces are pinned back so you are able to notice the earrings if that's what you want to stand out. I definitely recommend checking out youtube for hairstyles! I have found so many unique and cute styles that I didn't know until I was browsing through videos.


I think when it comes to make-up keep it very light, simple and nothing heavy or over dramatic. Keep it clean, classy and beautiful because I know there are a lot of guys who don't like when girls wear all that stuff on there face. They rather see a girl in her raw natural state then her face caked full of make-up.

I think this is it for this.. but I will definitely do a lovely follow up post to this to show you some ideas as to the overall process in getting ready to go out on a first date. :D So check back Sunday and I should have that up for you beautiful people! :D Until then I hope this was helpful!



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