Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Lo-Down

The Lo-Down by Lauren Bosworth from Mtv the Hills & Laguna Beach. So I came across about her having a book after reading that Whitney Port is coming out with a book. I was shocked as in how come I didn't hear about this book?! So I googled it up and sure enough it was true! She also has her own website that she offers advice on different topics and such, which I started reading and was intrigued. Anyways, the book consists on the topic of relationships and I picked up some things that stuck out at me while reading.

1. I never knew this but I guess the first 3 times a guy should pay for you. I always hear first few couple of times, whatever that means but 3 sounds like a good number to me. :D

2. The book is broken up into 5 parts and each part has a little quiz for you to do on each topic that she is going over about in that part of the book. You'll get an idea of where you are as a person for that certain topic she is discussing about. Plus little excercises to do for yourself to feel good about yourself! =)

3. Another thing she goes over that I liked and found interesting was the "baddies" when it comes to guys and the 'good ones', so that you are able to differentiate between the two if you can't already. :D Don't worry she also goes over the type of girls too, so you can tell which one you relate too or perhaps recognize how some of your friends relate to what she says.

4. What would the book be without including the most brutal disappointing part that most people don't want to come to or deal with... the break up =( You're definitely not left hanging wondering, so what if this happens how can I get an idea of what to expect or do!? Well don't worry it's there for you! =)

5. I think my favorite section of the book was the Ten Intital Signs That He Likes You! Because really it's the most exciting thing when you read the 10 points & go Oh My Gosh that's makes sense or makes you excited or gives you a guide as to what you can expect in a way at least and not left wondering to figure it out for yourself.

6. Lo also gives you date ideas & recipes to make either together or surprise your boyfriend with

7. My other favorite part of the book was The Golden Rule section pages 55-56 which I'm only going to highlight a few things Lo mentions because it's just to much to write out here.
- "Females have an image in our heads of who we want to be, and males see us for who we already we."
- "You may stare in the mirror and hope for something different. He sees the real you looking into that reflective piece of glass, and he loves that girl."
- "So, understand that if they've asked you out, it's because they are already into you. Did you read that correctly? If they've asked you out, it's because they are already into you!"

8. Lastly, my very last point from the book that I have to mention that stuck out was the section title 'Love List' pages 88-89 : Is an exercise that makes you aware of how amazing you already are and to acknowledge that to draw the boyfriend of your dreams that much closer. =) "Because guys respect girls who respect themselves, who have their own ideas about what is cool, and who have their own lives."

It's your personal struggles with who you feel you should be that ruin your relationship because you highlight the things you don't like about yourself and you order salads when going out and he notices, trust me he does! The image you are trying to create the fun, cool, sexy person is doing the opposite for you. Instead you are allowing it to highlight your insecurities which really you don't want that part of you to shine out! =( "Who wants to date a girl who's trying to fake it, when the girl he really likes is sitting right in front of him, too afraid to be herself and in reality, get the guy."

Would I say that this book is like "He's Just Not That Into You"? Well not exactly it's more in the terms of flipping it around and being in control and take the notion as in 'he is not the right guy for YOU' not you must not be right for HIM. Because really you can't control whether or not a guy likes you when it boils down to it. Along with believing in yourself is a big concept to help you out. I think that concept goes for anything in life in general so to speak from my perspective.

This is pretty much it for my review on this book, oh and that it's a easy read you could finish it in less than a day but I didn't quite get through it that fast because I've been tired so I have been reading it over the course of 5 days. I think girls should check out this book as well if you already have "He's just not that into you" I think it's make things a lot more clearer coming from a girl's perspective and learn things you never really allowed yourself to see. I recommend you check it out either just for fun because you want something to read or if you need some advice/help. =)



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