Saturday, January 1, 2011

Talk Booster - October 2010

So, I've been putting this off and off and off and was going to put it off again tonight but I was like no I have to do this! However, yaaay for a recent blog post! I am slowly managing to make more regular posts, hopefully that will work out. The main point of why I came on this specific portion of my blog to write is a new updated booster!! Geeehz! has it been forever that I managed to post a new one and that's not good... thumbs waaay down for that! As for what I am going to write about now .. here?!

Sometimes in life our main goal is a goal that isn't related to us if that even makes any sense?! I think a lot of us aim to please people, be people pleasers and neglect our choices and what we want in our life or what we want to aim for etc. Don't get me wrong it's nice to help people and give a little extra of your time or whatnot at times but not to the point that you are making yourself suffer. I believe the last time we checked in with ourselves it is our life and whatever it is we like, eat, want, desire, dream and believe that's us. It makes us who we are and it gives us a unique personality that no one is could compare to or be.. it's a way to make a connection to our identity.

I believe now is the time to make changes that benefit you and the life you want to live. It's not about everyone else.. it's about you! The choices you make are going to affect you and the life you have to lead in the future, not anybody else, so do whatever it is you love, desire and believe. However, when you do those things make sure it's something that means something and gives you a feel within your heart that makes you feel good. Something that gives you the opporunity to be happy, feel good, compassionate, goal-oriented and just naturally flows in connection with who you are and what you love in life. Let it enable you to connect to people or discover yourself. Let the inner beauty that hides within show people the unexpected they never thought. Let yourself be discovered and let yourself discover you and the hidden talents that you may not even be aware of sport a potential you never knew.

I beleive also a lot of the changes that we do or the things we discover of ourselves include that we make changes and work on things that inflict us to the point they really don't benefit us at all. I definitely believe a good step to start is finding more people to surround yourself with that support you and the decisions you make even if they may not agree they still support you because it's what you want. I think it's important to have people like that because people that are negative or bring you down are not going to do you any justice really. They are just going to drag you down along with them and seriously who wants that? I don't think you do because I sure know I don't. I can so that is something I don't want because I have been through that and it is not fun at all and it's draining to your mind, body and soul. It's like a drug counteracting with another that wasn't suppose to be taking because it can cause a reaction either mild, dangerous or even deadly.

In periods of life you need to be the antidote and take yourself out or be the remedey to the poision related within your life. I for one can say have more postive people and people who support you helps your life out a lot. I believe you attain the things you truly want because these type of people support what you want and don't judge you etc. The ones who judge you and criticize you, do nothing for you, offer nothing for you and more than likely make you feel down, gulity, shamed or make you believe things that are not true of yourselfs. For example, when someone tells you something or gives you a compliment you down grade it because you don't think it's true.. cooome on now! I am telling you accept the compliment, it was given to you for a reason! This person sees something that sometimes in life or certain periods in our life we don't understand why certain people see certain things about us. You may not see it or understand it but eventually you will once you let yourself be surrounded with the right positive people!

Life is about being yourself, achieving what you want of yourself and don't neglect what the insides of your blessed little heart shines with. There is no reason to hide the beauty that's wanting to seek out, let yourself flow for you and not anyone else... who cares what other thinks. There opinions shouldn't affect you but by all means them interfering with you is really affecting them only and getting them nowhere where as you are moving at a steadily speed ahead to beautiful places, you probably never expected.

The whole main point and focus is be you, don't be afraid, ashamed or hide who you are to please others or whatnot. You are seriously beautiful as the suns warm rays and the city lights that shine across the night sky. You have a personality as unique as the traffic flow of every hour of each day that will never be the same to someone elses. You are as beautiful as the rapid street lights red, amber and green because they relate to your constant growth, change, and flow which you allow yourself to adapt to the possiblities being thrown. Also, those lights show you that the beauty within them have endless chances to change every possible second of your life to be better than what you are allowing it to be now. Those lights should give you a metaphoric answer to relate into your life your choices of what you can do [stop] [yield] [go] - nothing more nothing less just the simple standing right in front of you waiting for your answers to change your life one step at a time.


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