Monday, March 28, 2011

drunk off of nothing but EACH OTHER til the Sun Rise

Hello Again Beautiful Lovelies! [Another post tonight! Wooo hooo!! ;)]

Well I was at the mall I ended up going into the book store to see all the new magazines that were out. I got pretty much every issue that was on newstand except a few, however I am going to get the Glamour magazine tomorrow after work. I also purchased a book to read even though I have a book to read already, but the book I picked up was Water for Elephants! I really was interested in reading it and also the movie is coming out soon with Reese Witherspoon & Robert Pattinson which looks amazing from the trailer that I have seen so far. Anyways I thought I'd post the magazines I purchased today! I also have another post for you guys tomorrow; I think possibly 2 posts again because I have a lot I want to post but I don't want to post everything all in one day. Anyways.. I will get onto it now, enjoy! :D


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