Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes!!!

Hello Beautiful Lovelies! :D

So today, I decided to make rainbow cupcakes because it is one of my co-workers birthday tomorrow and she won't be at work tomorrow since it's her birthday! I didn't want to give it to her the day after her birthday, so I did it today and dropped it off at work! She was so surprised, that was just fabulously great and I love to see people caught off guard not expecting anything. It makes my day! This is definitely a recipe to do when you have a day off of work or after work when you have time and nothing to really do because it takes time to do this process. Anyways ...

The ingriedents you will need is :

- a box of white cake mix moist [I used Betty Crockers Moist White cake mix]

-> water or milk can be used

-> vegetable oil

-> 3 eggs or 3 egg whites

- food coloring [Gel food coloring or liquid food coloring I used the liquid because I couldn't find the gel but the gel would give a more vibrant color than the liquid!]

- icing/gel icing for detailing & sprinkles [that's if you want to decorate it]

I didn't choose to decorate them with icing or anything because they already present themselves with just being so colorful I didn't really feel the need. Although I did do one like that but left the rest plain without icing.

So you will want to follow the instructions on the cake mix box first. After that process then evenly distrbiute the batter into 6 cups, preferably disposable so you can just throw them away, so you will have less clean up! Then apply the food coloring once the batter is evenly distrubted. As for how much drops of each color you will need is this:

Purple: 9 red and 6 blue drops

Blue: 12 drops

Green: 12 drops

Yellow: 12 drops

Orange: 12 yellow and 4 red drops

Red: 18 drops

then mix the batter in each cup so the color will change because of course it's not just going to change by adding the drops alone, lol. :D

Once that is done line your cupcake pan with liners. I used the foil baking cups, so that way the cupcakes will be protected instead of turning brown by using just the thin plain lining cupcake liners. Evenly pour each color into place starting in this order to make the rainbow: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange & then red last. As you add each color gently use the back of a spoon to spread each color to cover the color underneath. After you have done that if you want to go for a tie-dye effect just take a tooth pick and swirl the batter and it will come out that way. However, I do not like that look because I feel like it looks sloppy and especially if it is for someone or for a party because you need to bring something. If it is for a childrens party then I think it would be fine but other than that, no I don't agree with that effect of tie-dye.

Once that is done just bake your cupcakes to however much it says on the box and waa laa! :D To decorate them just wait until they cool off to begin that process and you're good to go! I hope this was an interesting along with enjoyable post! I know my one co-worker messaged me how I did that. So I can guarantee this to be a big hit and splasher whereever you go since nobody I've seen or been to functions has done this. So you pretty well may be the highlight of the party or whatever it is you are invited to or giving to! :D



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