Friday, March 4, 2011

It's a Passion, an Emotion, It's a Fashion [ BURLESQUE! ] ;)

Hello Beautiful Lovelies!! :D

Happy Friday! =) The weekend, how exciting! So, today after work I stopped and got a few things I have been wanting to get but just haven't made an effort to go get them and finally did today. My friday is definitely going to be a movie night for me tonight; however tomorrow and sunday will be spent at my grandparents visiting them. I think that is pretty much all I really have to mention. Oh, the post of the book was suppose to be up on Tuesday but that hasn't happened because I haven't finished reading the book. I have been so tired from being sick along with the medication to get rid of my brutal cough makes me tired, so I have to post-pone that post to either sunday night or else monday. Definitely, one of the two days it shall be up. I decided to get this post up since it's Friday and I haven't done one all week this week.


Movie : Burlesque
Yoga Pants : Victoria Secret PINK / Style of pant : Boot Cut Short
Last featured Movies : Great Expectations + Unfaithful which is two movies combined in one dvd & Play the Game [These were random purchases because I wanted something to watch and were on sale, so that's why I got them.]

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