Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Skin Care Routine!

Hello Hello Good Day Beautiful Lovelies!

Today, I have decided to do two posts since I have been really lacking and that is on my part along with I still have been sick as well. I was wondering what post I should do because I have a lot of stuff written down but I think I will just do it on my skin care routine! I think that is something interesting; I know a lot of people like to know what products someone uses why there skin is so clear.

My skin care routine consistent of the products by Eveline Charles which are only sold in Canada. I am missing 2 of the products from the line and never chose to buy them but it hasn't affected my routine by not having them. I am sure if I bought them they would benefit more to the rest of the line of products I use. There are different types for the Eveline Charles line so my skin is Oily so I use the 'EQUILIBRE' line for Oily skin. As for the details on the steps I take in order of use I will mention here now:

Step 1 : Acne Solutions Nano Silver Cleanser
To be used twice daily, however I never use it twice daily to be honest. When I first started I did use it twice daily but I don't use it that many times now. I use it twice in my routine which I will explain. Rub cleanser in hands with water to produce cream. However, do not put the cleanser under the water because it loses it's ingredients that make it work propely if you do. Gentle apply to the face and neck and leave on up to six minutes or until skin tingles. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Step 2 : Pore Perfect Foaming Gel
Wet face and hands. Using your fingertips, apply to the face and neck, massaging in a light circular motion. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Use every morning and evening.

Step 3 : Cool Toner
Apply toner to a cotton pad and massage into face and neck using light circular motions. Using every morning and evening.

Step 4 : I use the nano silver again before I apply the next steps to open up the pores again.

Step 5 : For this step depends but sometimes I will do both but for the most part I just choose one mask to do. I will explain both of them here.
Flawless Complexion Clay Mask
Spread a generous amount over clean face and neck. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then rinse well with lukewarm water. Use twice per a week.
Hydra Quench Soothing Mask
Spread a generous amount over clean face and neck. Leave on for 5-10 minutes the rinse with lukewarm water. Use three times per a week.

Step 6 : Matifying Moisture cream Gel
Using your fingertips apply to the face and neck using a gentle upward motion. Use every morning and evening.

Step 7 : Under Eye Recover Gel
Apply a small amount lightly onto the bottom of the lid with a soft patting motion from the inner to outer eye area. Use every morning and evening.

Wa La! That is the process for me but I will admit I do not do it twice a day. I do choose to do it before bed because that way well you are sleeping your face is repairing, so I choose the night time for me instead of morning.

Having clear skin doesn't just only rely on your skin care products but also yourself by :

Getting a enough sleep at night, 7-8 hours preferably is what is going to keep you going through the day. A little day nap if possible for you for 15 min'utes is good also but not too long of a nap or else you will be up all night instead of sleeping when you really want to go to sleep.

Lots of Fruit & Vegetables over junk food will definitely help you out and as well maintain a healthy food habit. I am not saying to completely count out junk food but it's all in moderation. Don't choose junk food over something healthier because you're hungry but too lazy to get up and make it because there is some sort of junk food in front of you sitting closer than the healthier food. It will definitely give your body a sugar rush but you will become tired faster and not up to beat as opposed to eating some fruit or something healthier.

It's literally my best friend! I never use to drink it regularly, I'll admit I would chose pop/soda, juice etc. just the sugary stuff all the time whether I was eating or just thirsty. It takes time to get into a routine of drinking lots of water because it took me steps at a time to gain my love for water. Once you do it is so worth it and not only does it help your body but it helps out your skin as well.

It not only gives you energy but it can keep you in shape as well keep you toned up and healthy. It also was something I hadn't done for years which I'll admit to that too because after highschool and not having gym I didn't take it upon myself to go to the gym to workout. I guess for me at the time is wasn't a big deal or priority or matter really. It is such a great way to clear your mind also if you have a lot going on inside, if your like me the type to over-think things or are just frustrated I think it's a good option to choose!

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