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Good Late Evening to you Beautiful Lovelies!

So I was suppose to do this post a while back but never did it because I never did finish reading the book but tonight I have. I had been waiting for the release of this book for about 2-3 years because every time I heard about it in magazines it said it would be released soon but never the case. Anyways.. I randomly came across the topic of Miranda Kerr and decided to look into if the book she wrote has already came out or ever did. Just to my luck it had been but the catch it was not available to order from places within Canada or the states. I found out that it was still available to purchase from Australian so I ordered it because I just had to have this book. I was so excited to read about it and what she would have to offer in it. The book detailing is so beautiful. It looks just like a journal you would write in. The title of the book is such a beautiful pick, it definitely relates to what she is discussing in the book. I definitely loved reading this book, it was a great read. It's so full of positivity, it's unbelievable how much encouraging and inspiring thoughts come as you read this book. Once again, this is a quick read also.. however I don't think really it's a book to rush into to read. I think it's about taking your time to read it and let certain things sink in for you. I think that is why I took, so long to get to this post because I was really into it and thought I would finish it but I never did because every time I went back to read I just couldn't move forward. I think that was a sign to let everything I had sink in and not to rush into it. The time will come when my mind will be ready to read the rest of it to the complete end without any stopping. I think this would make a great gift but even more so I think it's a great read and excellent book to have in your collection but not only that to carry around or have on your nightstand. I definitely think this book is not one of those books to sit on your book shelf to collect dust. It's a definite helper, it can give you that positivity you need when you don't allow your mind access to out rule the negative thoughts you allow yourself to repeat. As I was reading the book I marked some of my notable things that stuck out at me that she talks about. I will follow in detail now. Just a little tid bit I purchased this book from the Kora website where Miranda Kerr has her own skin line in case anyone wants to purchase this book. :D Every thing that stuck out at me I bold, underlined or italicized.

Positivity #1
I would like to call it words of enlightenment to let us know what we may but do not allow ours to be aware of or don't know because we are not fully aware along with possibly doubt, lack confidence etc. So I decided to write the whole thing out even though I was only going to write the first page but I thought maybe someone will come across this and it will empower them some how. Titled:

It is not that we don't have the strength within us...
We have more strength than we could possibly imagine.
Most of us fail to see it within ourselves
yet so willingly see it in others.
What if we nurtured ourselves to the point where
we discovered and experienced our own greatness?
What if we finally realised that we are limited
only by our thoughts and by what we think is or
isn't possible for us? After all, that is the truth...
nothing more, nothing less.
It is our thoughts that determine our experiences,
not only of ourselves, but of our world and of others...

Too often we fail to see that at any give moment we have a
choice to alter our lives, our existence.

Too often we are driven automatically by who we think we
are or should be as opposed to who we possibly could be...

Sometimes we choose to be angry, ungrateful, resentful
and jealous when instead we have the ability to choose to
be accepting, forgiving and grateful for all that we have...

Choose [with goodness in your heart] to be brave,
courageous and adventurous in this world and
acknowledge all who are being just that, for they
have overcome what many have yet to overcome...
the fear of knowing who they really are.

Look forward and dream of what's possible for your life...
and remember that the only thing limiting
you is your thoughts.

Only you have the power to change your thoughts.
Alter your thoughts and you alter your world.

- Miranda Kerr

Positivity #2
Is talking about loving yourself and I believe a lot of us in this world lack that. We focus so much on others that we neglect ourselves and our inner light that needs nurturing. I for one can admit to this; I can admit to not fully loving myself to the ability I have inside of me but I have come to realize that it is an important aspect in getting to know yourself. The title of what she is talking about in this paragraph is called:
Loving yourself... Oscar Wilde said, 'To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance'. I believe that loving and treasuring yourself is essential for happiness. It's about treasuring who you are as a person and accepting, respecting and honoring yourself.
This is something I have struggled with personally. Loving yourself stems from the belief that 'Who I am is enough', and that the qualities you possess are unique, worthwhile and special. It is about being grateful for what you have been given, accepting who you are and being compassionate towards yourself. It's like a beautiful reflection. What you see in yourself is what you see in everyone else around you.

Positivity #3
How you have the ability to choose your circumstances in which you feel when you first get up in the morning and I agree. If you say negative things to start your day then that's the way you let it go but if you say something positive to start the day your day will be just that, positive! 'Today is going to be a wonderful day full of new and exciting experiences.' Once you allow your self and mind to think in such a way you allow for unlimited possibilities and opportunities as well as people are automatically drawn to you and your enthusiasm.

Positivity #4
What really stuck out at me here was the first sentence and I believe it's true. I believe it's true because their are people I have witnessed in my daily life-time that talk, talk, talk and never put anything into action. Most of the time it's because of the account of failure and would I say I have come to this cross roads before, most definitely. I just think you just need to not think of it as failure but rather tack it full force if it's something you want. It's better to know you tried then to not have tried at all and always wonder along with have what if in the back of you mind for the rest of your life.
Action is what separates the dreamers from those who actually live out their dreams. At first you might be afraid to take the first step because you fear you might fail, but I think failure as education -- it gives you the knowledge you need to succeed.

Positivity #5
Having SELF-CONFIDENCE and loving yourself along with being comfortable in your own skin. It's true, why compare yourself to someone else? You are beautiful, unique, valuable and intelligent and have many talents that make you you. So I think that's something to support and admire of yourself not what someone else has or does. The more you learn about yourself, the more you are able to love yourself and give compassion to others which from that flows love. When you accept and appreciate yourself you can handle any situation with class, dignity and respect.

Positivity #6
How someone notices something about us and we just feel they are saying it just because to be nice or whatever the case may be. When people give us compliments we need to receive them wholeheartedly and accept them as the gift they are because sometimes others have the ability to see our inner and outer beauty when we fail to see it ourselves.

Positivity #7
Being you vulnerable, authentic is what makes you you! It's what life needs, life wants what you have to offer the universe. Those people who are that way know their strengths, weaknesses and accept both. The authentic you isn't about being perfect for society's standards. It's about being REAL and the AUTHENTIC YOU is what counts.

Positivity #8
Doing what you want and not feeling guilty but being able to say no if you need to. Just standing up for yourself! Some people find it's better not to rock the boat but to be silent but that could be worse. It could be worse because you are accommodating others requests and ignoring your own desires. However, it's important that we stand up for ourselves and value ourselves enough to what we know is right and for what we want or else we will never get the things we want.

Positivity #9
PASSION, PASSION, PASSION! A good way to increase your confidence is finding your passion, which then allows for you to be determined and have belief. However, sometimes we allow ourselves to hide it behind the needs of others and we deny ourselves what we truly want.

Positivity #10
Treasuring yourself and limiting negative thoughts with positive thoughts. I think the best example of how to do that for yourself is by 'When I embrace myself and treasure who I am then love and respect flows into my life.' Treasuring yourself is about living a healthy life and the way we feel on the inside is what counts not the outside. It's the ability of feeling good about yourself and accepting yourself for who you are to carry a inner strength that empowers and makes our life productive.

Positivity #11
Relationships resemble the thoughts and values you hold within your life are also prevalent in the relationships we have with others. 'I strongly believe that the beliefs and values you hold about yourself and your life are reflected in all your relationships. Your relationships with others can tell you a lot about yourself.' The challenging relationships are the ones that make you become a better version of yourself. Relationships make us recognize our least desirable qualities or traits so we can recognize them. However, we shouldn't stay in relationships we have outgrown but to honor ourselves by walking away if the relationship no longer meets our needs.

Positivity #12
Letting Go and not allowing the people around who are changing to bother you because they are no longer in your life. It's normal and people are going to change but so are you! You are going to evolve your values and beliefs and begin to attract like-minded people. You will have the friends who will be with you for a lifetime but then their are the ones who 'are markers on the road that point you in the right direction or travel with you for a while until you or they choose another path.' Appreciating both helped added to the person you are today. At the end of the day real friends accept you for who you are and walk in when others walk out. Another thing I like that was mentioned was 'I was once told that if you wanted to see what type of person someone is, you just have to look at their friends. It's important to be around people who mirror real you and not to change who you are to fit in with other people.'

Positivity #13
Giving your all and not a half fast job. 'It's not necessary to wait for some big project; every small thing you do can have the power to transform your life. Once you start something positive, it will ripple outwardly and has the potential to touch the lives of others.' If you are going to invest your time and energy give it everything you got not just half of what you got. By just doing things half-heartedly you are robbing yourself of achieving your dreams and desires. If you give your full attention then you will always receive the greatest benefit.

Positivity #14
Letting your LIGHT SHINE instead of allowing low energy thoughts to dim out you light. It's about staying true to who you are and not about convincing others. When you allow yourself to switch on the light you begin to attract all sorts of interesting creatures. Convince yourself, no one else and be warm and bright and everyone will be attracted to you. You won't have to convince anyone because your positive, bright outlook will irresistibly attract them to you from the the outlook of yourself and the world.

Positivity #15
Making your Own Power Thoughts!
- Choose a phrase that describes what you desire but short and powerful
- Your statement MUST BE in the PRESENT tense. For example : 'I am passionate about school/my career' instead of ' I will be passionate about school/my career.' because the beginning is working on changing will the end indicates some time in the future.
- Your power thought should stem from a positive perspective instead of a negative one. Phrase in a positive way such as : 'I'm always passionate about my career' instead of 'I don't like my career when I'm not passionate about it.' as it places your career in a negative light
- Your power thought should always be said in first person, which is 'I'. Because it is always about you and not another person since you can only affect your own reality and happiness has to come from within before it can be extended to and from other people.

This is pretty much all I had to mention for this book but I will leave some power thoughts were in the rest of the book to give you some ideas of achieving your own.

i am willing to learn new things - louise l. hay
my outlook on life is unlimited - deepak chopra
being myself involves no risks, it is my ultimate truth, and i live it fearlessly - wayne w. dyer
i demonstrate love through my actions - miranda kerr

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