Thursday, April 7, 2011

23 ! Insaaane.

Yay Yay! The Big 2-3! How exciting, yet at the same time, insaane! Literally, I know when I turned all the other big ages people celebrate, party and throw big parties it just didn't seem that big of a deal to me. However 23, for some reason is my oh my gosh, I can't believe it moment! It's just so unreal and insane to me; I can't fully seem to wrap my head around it quite yet but I am so grateful for all the lovely birthday wishes I have gotten so far from the time it hit 12am until recent 12pm that I just checked before I have to go to work today. The day definitely isn't over, so I am sure I still have more to come and can't wait until later when I get home to see all the more. I think I should get ready now for work and plus I want to buy my cake that I love before I go to work because the store closes at 5pm or something and I will be working. =( I will come back on here to add more or possible photos if I have any for today or not. Check back here later tonight or if not tomorrow! :D Just to add, my dad took me out for dinner after work along was my sister and my baby niece, so it was a great end to a night! Sorry, no photos.. =(


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