Monday, April 4, 2011

Summer Scents! =)

Hello Hello Beautiful Lovelies!
Today after work I went to Bath & Body works to check out the new scents in candles. I have some candles already but those are more wintery scents and stress reliever ones and I wanted more summery scents. So I checked out online what all new candle scents they had and boy was there a ton! I kind of knew which ones I would want before going but I made sure to check all the ones that interested me just in case what I thought I wanted was not the case. I definitely ended up with my choice of what I had seen online! In the end I ended up with the big 14.5 oz candles which really I wanted the 4oz ones so it would go with my 4 oz collection, however the big ones were on sale 2 for $25. So I ended up purchasing Peach Bellini & Pomergranate Lemonade, they smeeeell so deliciously yummy and like summer! I love those two scents out of all the new ones they had. I definitely recommend checking out the new scents and find the ones you like but I for sure recommend the two I purchased. I think those two scents would make great birthday gifts or gifts of which ever occassion since it's summery. :D


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