Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cheetah/Leopard Print Nails!

Good Late Evening Lovelies! leopard

So I was just browsing on the internet and listen to some music and wanted to do a post about my nails I had just done the other day. I wanted to do a post after I had done the nails but I was like no but at the same time yes! I finally managed to do a post to show you what I had done to them. And I did do them myself! Haha, I know some people saw my nails and thought they were the stick on ones but nope and they aren't perfect in my eyes. On my one nail it's a little smudged but I completely happy with them! I can't wait to change my nails up and try a different design! I hope you enjoy because I did enjoy doing my nails that day. The nail polishes that I used were all OPI in a
a) base coat
b) Nude is called : Barefoot in Barcelona
c) Minty Green is : Mermaid Tears
However, for the black I used Art Deco in black because the brush is really thin to do the design or designs in general. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the night and have a wonderful day tomorrow! :D


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