Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Talk Booster - May 2011

Life is about being unique, different, yourself - as in completely raw and real nothing fake. It's about loving and treating yourself with respect. Well having those you also need to have a positive outlook as well as thoughts. It's what gets you the things that you want and need in your life. It's you that makes your life, nobody else. It's the dreams, desires, hopes, wishes and complications along with sacrifices that make life. The challenges make are not there to hold and bind you it's there to give you a lesson as well as that you have the ability to overcome it and that is why it is handed to you.

You may think obstacles are there to stop you and not make you achieve the things you are intending to. It isn't the case if you are focused and have a positive mind set then you can accomplish anything your little hear and mind desire. I think the main thing in life that makes things happen is having belief and believing in luck. You make those two on your own, yet maybe chance or pure luck just happens to some of us as we like to think or maybe just maybe we created it ourselves. We created it by imagining the impossible possible! I think you have to look really hard at the word impossible, there is a positive statement within it, all it takes is you to break it down .. I'M POSSIBLE! I think that should be something inspiring and get you along your way into a direction another than negative thoughts and thinking that bound with the word in it's negative context.

Life is about taking risks, it's about enjoying it to the fullest and not being afraid. It's about finding something you love and are passionate about. It's about finding your first love and always remembering even far down the road. It's about breaking down the barriers, so that you are able to feel everything completely, feel all the emotions inside of use. The emotions of joy, happiness, pain, sadness and everything else in between. Those are the things that get us through things and by when we feel it all by trying to numb certain aspects you're not. You're really numbing everything and when you do that you lose the feeling of joy and happiness that is inside wanting to be explored and shared.

Life is about being vulnerable and just allowing others to accept us for the way we are and if they can't then they can't we just have to move onto the next person. Everyone is a beautiful rose allowed to blossom and grow to the full potential that is waiting right in front of there toes. Sometimes we think we can keep one foot behind well having one foot go forward to have the best of both worlds but really it doesn't work that way. It's either you're in or you are completely out. Sometimes those risks are what gives us the hope, belief and luck that anything can truly happen and became possible. Sometimes in life there is no 3 strikes and you're out, sometimes there is only one and you either have to make a choice and take it or leave it. It may not be the right direction but along the journey you are bound to come to the right path you were looking for.

It may be harder but along the way, you are assured some valuable lessons and or the ability to let go and have fun. Life's about accepting yourself to be the best you are for you not for anyone else and not for the standards of society. The standards that need to be measured up are those of your own and yes people will give you their opinion or advice but at the end of the day it is your choice in what you chose to do. You make the way you life comes about, so do the unexpected, take risks, believe and love with everything you've got whole-heartedly and do everything whole-heartedly. Never give only half-heartedness into something because when you do that is when you strip away the things you truly want and that's not what life's about.

The real reason for life is to find joy in the simple things because the simple things are what make our life extraordinary. We are what make us the cup of tea we want and those that come across us will be attracted to us just by allowing yourself to evolve and having like-minded values and beliefs.


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