Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Heelllo Lovelies!!!

Woot! I am excited about this post because I love Beyonce and as I write this post I am watching this DVD! I have already seen some of it because it was on youtube but for only 24hours and then it was taken down. I was sad because what I had already watched was amazing and the performance is amazing. I am not one bit surprised that I had to purchase this to see the whole live performance because even when I saw her in concert she was incredible beyond words. She has amazing vocal pipes!! This dvd is so worth getting and it sounds so amazing live. I have never purchased a concert dvd of any artists ever before this is my first time and for those of you who are wondering or it's your first time. It is so worth it especially if you're a huge beyonce fan! If I were to rate this dvd out of 5 stars it would give it a full 5 star out of 5! The thing I like at the beginning of the dvd is how she does a throw back of songs from when she was in Destiny's Child! I definitely recommend checking this dvd out for sure!

Have a beautiful night
- xo. pixie dust kisses

Signed, Joe

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