Thursday, December 1, 2011

i'll be there for you, i will care for you

Hello Lovelies!

December 1st already today and Christmas will be here before you know it! Today I got these two items 1. the burgundy strip raglan and 2. the sweats and I got the red strip raglan yesterday because the burgundy one wasn't in my size yet. I really loved those two shirts, they're long sleeve but have a loose fit to it but I think they would look great with a sweater or blazer. As for the sweats I loved the color of grey and the yellow with white mixed print for the words. I definitely like these purchases I got today/yesterday for sure and I cannot wait to wear all 3 soon! I got those two shirts from PINK by Victoria secret for those of you who are wondering and the pants as well which is self explanatory I think. I wanted to do this post today and since it's the first of the month what a great way to start off! I am hoping to do a lot more posts this month than any other months or from last year since my posts are scares and bare minimal effort looking back at past month post numbers. I will see how that goes but I hope to be a lot more consistent this month for sure, so definitely look back here often, please! :D

- xo. pixie dust kisses

Signed, Joe

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