Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hello Hello Lovelies!!

So I am back as I said I would be with another post about the nail polish I got from 'The Muppets' Collection called 'GETTIN MISS PIGGY WITH IT'. I had previously mentioned the nail polish in a post before this one. I guess I have heard people complain that this nail polish is a waste of money and doesn't go on and how they had to put on so many coats. I figured out pretty fast after trying the normal stroking of painting your nails is not going to flow with this type of nail polish. I just started to dab it on my nails and it was going on; I didn't have to use the stroke method to put on a million coats. I know if I would have done it that way I would have been doing my nails for a really really really long time. From my personal experience I didn't find a problem with putting on this nail polish with the techinque that I used. I love the red with the sparkle of silver mixed in the polish. I have not tried any of the other colors from this collection and don't think I will be because I just wanted the one color from this collection. The other color from this collection I liked is the rainbow one which I thought looked pretty nice!

As for getting this nail polish removed from my nails as the nail color starts to chip isn't as easy as your regular nail polish colors. I tried nail polish remover and it wasn't coming off, so I had to scrape it off because it was starting to look ugly with it chipping. Also, I wanted to try a new nail polish out that I bought. My con about this nail polish is getting it off, so I don't think I will be wearing this nail polish often at all.

Signed, Joe

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