Friday, November 18, 2011

I've been everywhere, man Looking for someone Where have you been, all my life

Good Evening Lovelies!!

So today was not a snowy blizzard and freezing, yaay! It was still chilly out but at least no snow was falling. So today I got some things after work because I had to wait for my photos to developed, so I was looking around and got some stuff. I was particularly looking for boots to wear especially for winter. I was trying to avoid at all costs not to get some and just wear my runners like I have in the past couple of years; however that is not going to fly this year with this weather. Also because I really need to get something for winter to protect my feet and from getting sick so easily. Just take better, proper care of myself. I was looking at some look-a-like uggs but I just don't see myself in them, I feel like they look ugly on me. I think also it may just take getting use to, who knows... shrug! Any who I found some cute booties at PINK and I just had to get them but I know they are different from uggs, yet still have fur inside and are versatile in how you want to wear them. I took many photos to show the different views as well the different way it could be worn. These booties come in black with cheetah fur and grey cheetah print outside with I believe black fur. The greys are not your only option for those of you that want these and are worried about color choices. Personally I think the grey ones look the best because the other two colors make them look like house slippers but that's personally my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Another item I got tonight was a nail polish from OPI. I was dying for a new nail polish more so a sparkly one in particular to be honest. The Muppet's collection has sparkly colors, so I ended up going with the Muppet's collection. I got the Red color in that collection because I just thought it would be fun, christmas-y. I also don't have a red nail polish and that just seemed like a perfect match to go with. Just to let everyone know the name of the polish is called 'GETTIN' MISS PIGGY WITH IT' Once I do my nails in this color I will do a blog post to show up close what it looks like on nails along with my personal testimony.

I had gotten a hoodie from PINK a while ago but I had to exchange it tonight because the one I had picked up was damaged. I got the same one to replace the damaged one but luckily my size was there or else that would have been a total loss because I really love the color. It's a pretty purple which I never really come across a purple like that really ever. The pictures may not justify the color to it's true self.

I found some interesting fruit snacks when at walmart not too long ago and they are Fruit Loops fruit snacks and supposedly a limited edition. Anyways, I hope they're not a limited edition because I love them! I know such a kid type of thing to eat but I love them, so that's all that matters. =)

I also got 2 candles but I will just wait to do a post about the two candles I purchased for tomorrow because I have other candles I have gotten a while ago and have yet to mention about them on my blog. So be on the look out for that post, hopefully tomorrow or if not Sunday perhaps! =)

Other then the above things I hope you enjoyed this post and yaaay another post in a row, wooot! I hope it's not overwhelming but exciting since it's a new post and I haven't done posts regularly in a while or lately. Let's hope this winning streak lasts and I continue to post more regularly! Have a great night. =)

Signed, Joe

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