Saturday, December 3, 2011

Magnetic Polish by nails inc. LONDON

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I have a fun post about another new nail polish I got today! Yes, I finally managed to get out and purchase it since I had to stop to get something at sephora anyway. I got nails inc. LONDON new magnetic polish in house of parliament which is a dark purple but so nicee! The polish went on so easily, smooth and dries fast unlike other polishes that I have from other brands. This is my first ever nails inc. London polish purchase ever and I would purchase normal colors if I could find them somewhere.

- First step is to put on a base coat, which helps the polish to go on smoothly I guess also!
- Second paint one coat of the nails inc. london polish on all the nails.
- Third is to paint another coat, however one nail at a time because you can't let the polish dry right away, you must put the magnetic top right after you paint the second coat.
- Lastly the design will come on it's own with the help of the magnetic!
- A top coat after that so it looks nice and shiny! :D I used OPI top coat for those wondering!

I took pictures of my nails before the design happens to show what the nail color looks like and after to show the what the design appears like.

First Coat

After Magnetic

After Top Coat

I hope you enjoyed this post because I definitely like this polish and I hope they come out with more colors beside the purple and grey. I like how the polish dries so fast unlike opi which I find takes forever to dry for me. Check out your local Sephora if you want this polish or online at sephora if you don't have a local store in your area. I will definitely being using this polish a lot as until the end of this year and of course in the new year as well!

- xo. pixie dust kisses

Signed, Joe

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