Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ah, Itch, Ugh, Let Me Be!!

Good Morning!

So what an interesting night/morning I have had in the past couple hours. Ugh, like really.. HiVES!! I of all people have never gotten hives from food, only from cats. I couldn't believe it! Well I guess there is a first for everything and definitely isn't fun! I just want theem to go awaaay now, thanks! I hate how itchy they get and I was fine all day yesterday until I ate supper. Any who enough complaining about that! I have kind of a ton of stuff to do today! This week has just been to busy with work and oh so glorious mode for sleeping constantly. I fell asleep friday woke up at 9ish then woke up at 7ish then officially got up at 3pm! I swear I haven't slept in like that in foreveeer and ages! I feel in a way not such a great idea to have slept in like that! Oh wells it happened! I have a compile list of things I must get done today and ahh I swear to do lists never end! There is always something new to add to them. Yesterday was definitely my laaaazy day for sure with movies, reading & the late night hives! It looked so incredible beautiful out yesterday and I didn't even get dressed and out to check it out. Maybe, hopefully today? If not then tomorrow, ha! I have gotten a few little things lately but I want to wait to do a post on those things. However, since I've been watching movies this weekend, I thought I would share those on this post the ones I just picked up to watch. Enjoy your wonderful sunday minus the dreadful hives I have. 

oh and I forgot to mention, I think my beautiful spring is here! YES! I loove, ha.. of course I do I am a spring baaby after all! :D 

p.s. - Also since it's the month of February I have decided to up my posts for this month to twice a week! Yes, for all you readers! :p So 2 posts a week, let's see if I can do this challenge! 

Signed, Joe

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